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Early decision

SAT=MyKryptoniteSAT=MyKryptonite 198 replies50 threads Junior Member
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what kind of advantage do u get by applying ED
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Replies to: Early decision

  • pedsoxpedsox 597 replies1 threads Member
    I was trying to find your stats in another post. Would you mind listing them again? I remember that you are OOS and are also interested in Georgetown(?). There are two schools of thought on ED. One is that you may have a better chance of admission based on the fact that the Adcoms are not yet sure how strong the total applicant pool will be for regular decision. Another thing to think about is that on the other hand, most colleges like to admit their strongest applicants for ED. Students that they see as a sure fit. I didn't go back too far in your posts but it seems that you are not 100% sure about William and Mary or Georgetown. Do yourself a favor by researching both schools thoroughly. Both great places to be, but different in many ways. I'm a Freshman at William and Mary. A great fit for me. I applied regular decison and I'm a male, in state. My SAT's were on the low side, but my GPA ended up being over a 4.0 at graduation. Applied with a 3.9, I think. My ACT was 31. Took the SAT II's as well because I applied to UVA too. But the admissions office told me that they will consider all scores that you submit. I did the optional essay, had a tough course load. Graduated in the top 3% of my class. Lots of EC's and really showed them I was interested in coming to W&M. It was my first choice. Good luck to you!
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  • SAT=MyKryptoniteSAT=MyKryptonite 198 replies50 threads Junior Member
    Transcipt- All honors or APs incuding physics C, Calc BC, Stats, American Hist, Psychology, Language, Lit
    95.5 UW GPA

    SAT: i have taken it 3 times : once was the old one and it was the last sitting in december
    M 660 V630
    then i got M700 V650 W640
    then i got M750 V680 W730
    for a grand total of 2160

    IC 730
    Physics 750
    US Hist 780

    APs Stats 5 US hist 4

    EC's nothing really major or outstanding just a couple sports and part time jobs currently working (20+hrs per week and started in late July) and volunteer work totaling like 200hrs

    also i interviewed there....I have indeed been doing a lot of research on both schools and i feel that i love W&M the school and the campus but love gtown the name and the location.....in addition i will be visitng the school this weekend the 23rd and 24th to get 1 final impression
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  • pedsoxpedsox 597 replies1 threads Member
    Your stats look good and you certainly seem to have a solid chance at both schools. Just keep in mind that both are very selective and that means that there is a certain element of randomness (is that a word??).Find a couple of safey schools that you could could be happy with. This is very important. Good Luck! You will have several great options when it's time to choose.
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  • SAT=MyKryptoniteSAT=MyKryptonite 198 replies50 threads Junior Member
    yea i am already set with my safety schools villanova and Richmond.......i am happy with them but i really cant think of going anywhere else but those 2 schools
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