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Honors Program good for science majors

shoot4moonshoot4moon 1102 replies178 threads Senior Member
Hello Wise Ones,
Our daughter and I are heading to Colorado to look at Colorado College, and have time to visit one more school. She has an excellent academic background (4.6/ACT in 30s/IB Diploma candidate). Potential majors are art and science. I have heard that CSU might be a good fit for her, specifically the honors program. Would anyone have feedback on whether it is harder to double major if you are in this program and/or if it is geared away from science?

Thanks so much!
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Replies to: Honors Program good for science majors

  • ColoradomamaColoradomama 2779 replies32 threads Senior Member
    @shoot4moon I would look at U of Denver, another private college, in south Denver. Colorado State is our land grant college, and good for some majors. U of Colorado Boulder is better in physics, and chemistry than Colorado State but Colorado State has all the animal science programs and vet programs. Most Honors programs are not really that different than any other program in Colorado. At CU Boulder, Honors is a living group and not a curriculum per se.
    I would guess that Colorado State, it does not matter at all if you sign on for honors or not. And its possible to double major at Colorado State in any two majors and finish in four years, for a motivated student. Any student can take any class at our universities and honors programs are not that well developed here. Colorado College is arms and legs ahead of our public schools, its a small private liberal arts college, with very high academic standards, the highest in Colorado aside from the Air Force Academy, which has other requirements.
    U of Denver is an all around good school for many majors and scholarships are available.

    If you know more about what science major interests her, that may help to select a college that may fit well.

    Fort Collins is a very nice community in far northern Colorado, near Wyoming. Its a bit small and remote for a student who is from a city, I would say, but plenty of hiking and cross country skiing if one has a car. Colorado Springs is a large city, where Colorado College is located, is closer to downhill skiing.
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  • ColoradomamaColoradomama 2779 replies32 threads Senior Member
    @shoot4moon Here are some websites for U of Denver. Its more of a liberal arts college than Colorado State, and much more similar to Colorado College, although it also offers a business college and one of the two law schools in Colorado. Also, the art museum in Denver is accessible to U of Denver students. Boulder also has art museums. Fort Collins, not really. I don't see studying art up in Fort Collins, is an agricultural school, with good science, and health sciences, as well as engineering. There are some teacher programs in Fort Collins, though, for art teachers as I understand it, although the main teacher training programs in Colorado are U of Northern Colorado Greeley, CU Boulder and several schools in Denver. Colorado College students often go to law or medical school, or get a PhD in something later.

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  • shoot4moonshoot4moon 1102 replies178 threads Senior Member
    Thank you so much, Coloradomama!! That was quite an excellent answer!!!! Funny - we are already back, and elected to visit your recommended school: University of Denver. I called CSU to ask about their honors program. The woman that I talked to was one of the administrators and EXTREMELY helpful. She confirmed what you said: it is quite possible to double major and be in the honors program. That is, until I said "Art". Basically, she indicated that she would recommend .... University of Denver, as their art program is impacted and it would be hard to dual major and perhaps even get some of the classes. Basically, you have to be a declared art major to take the classes, so if she elected to veer toward science, her art education would be over. We LOVED University of Denver, and Colorado College stole her heart. Your state is incredible - not only is it beautiful, but the people are incredibly kind. Thank you!!!!!!
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