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Anyone apply to UPenn LPS too?


Replies to: Anyone apply to UPenn LPS too?

  • BoolaBoolaBoolaBoola Registered User Posts: 149 Junior Member
    Here's an idea...talk about Penn's relative merits here: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/university-pennsylvania/ .

    I realize that you're trying to keep your options open. That's fine. I don't think I'm alone in thinking that singing the praises of what seems to amount to your safety school on the Columbia/GS board is really a bit tacky.

    The way it's beginning to read is that you're bracing yourself for a rejection from Columbia and so you're beginning to paint Penn as a better option. Sour grapes.

    If you get a yes from Penn, by all means go there.

    Good luck.
  • hellojanhellojan Registered User Posts: 1,632 Senior Member
    Oh, come now. Looking objectively, you can see that this thread is serving to expose some specific insecurities on both sides.

    That's not what this forum is for.

    I can see the value in using CC to exorcise frustrations and admission/rejection panic - and that's something that, as a community, deserves to be carefully monitored for our own group sanity. But, maybe, let's not be too quick to limit what we think is and isn't relevant to our discussion.

    That said, where else can Philly discuss GS vs LPS? Just at the LPS page? I think it makes sense to ask that question here and Philly has the right to defend any position that other posters take issue with.
  • tsar10027tsar10027 Registered User Posts: 242 Junior Member
    The College of Arts and Sciences at UPenn (CAS) is different from the much larger School of Arts and Sciences (SAS). There is a difference. Good luck getting into GS, but I would not equate GS with LPS. There is a reason that GS is your target school (beyond the notion of value investing/MBA program at Columbia), after all, UPenn has a better business department. You might not admit it, but deep down, you know that GS is better program/option.
  • tsar10027tsar10027 Registered User Posts: 242 Junior Member
    "Did you dishonestly, via omission, try and scape by as a CC alumni?"

    By writing: BA (major), Columbia University on your resume, your not, as you so "eloquently" put it, trying to "scape by as a CC alumni." You are honestly stating that you got your BA from COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. I never said anything about CC. Besides, any CC alum with reason, would KNOW that, as a GS graduate, and by proxy a Columbia University grad, you went through, ostensibly, the same hoops that they did to graduate.

    This is false:
    University of Pennsylvania
    College of Arts and Sciences
    B.A. in Economics

    it would read:
    University of Pennsylvania
    (School) of Arts and Sciences
    B.A. in Economics

    A UPenn grad from the CAS will know.
  • torpSPOTtorpSPOT Registered User Posts: 2 New Member

    A conversation I had with my PTK president prompted a search which has lead me here. I was recently admitted into Penn's LPS for the 2011 fall semester. I've had a pretty successful college experience thus far, granted that's not saying much at the community college level. I applied and was admitted into a number of other colleges, but jumped at the thought of obtaining an IVY league education. My concerns--after having this conversation--are as follows: that there is some sort of deception at work, that I'm being victimized in assuming I'll receive an education that is, for the most part, identical to that of one found within Penn's CAS. Was I mislead, is there a real significant and tangible difference aside from having to live off campus? Will the probability of eventually becoming an attorney be diminished by continuing my study at such named institution?

    I am a very dedicated student; I've had to compensate for a number of difficulties that have transpired in my young academic career. I'm willing to re-take classes, as I'm sure Penn LPS will not take the majority of my credits. I am however, not willing to re-take classes at an institution that, ultimately, is no different from going to an accredited state school that is forced to accept most of my credits. Furthermore, what if this education was free, tuition at least--does that make all the difference? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  • phillyman123phillyman123 Registered User Posts: 172 Junior Member

    Firstly, having been through the UPenn transfer evaluation process, I'll let you know in advance that is no joke - they don't care! This is why I've decided, unless they give me a scholarship, not to go. I'd be setting myself back quite a bit.

    Columbia is awaiting my grades before they make a decision. If I'm admitted, and they also don't transfer my couses, I will not go.

    I personally hate new york city and want to get back to cali as soon as possible. Philly is much better than NYC in my opinion, but I'm not down at all to extend my college career any longer - time to get things moving in the REAL WORLD.

    As for UPenn LPS, your degree is granted by the College of Arts and Sciences, and is completely identical to that of a traditional undergraduate student, which is not the case for Columbia. I realize it may appear as though I'm insecure about Columbia possibly rejecting me or something of the sort, and you'll have to take my word for it, but this is not true.

    I've already recruited with companies that, even a Columbia undergrad student would aspire to communicate with. I beat out 15 CC kids for an internship at a private equity firm covering deal flow directly with the managing partner. I sound cocky, but I'm trying to prove my point.

    I'm not going there because my current institution won't offer me the same job that Columbia will (it actually may be the opposite, Stern is more heavily recruited, behind Wharton), but rather I'm lured to their new business program, and its affiliation with CBS, my dream business school (home of Graham and Dodd value investing).

    Thus, if you love the idea of a real college campus, you like philly, and want an ivy league degree, DO IT! I just found out Penn rejected another course of mine, so I'm out of that game now :( If Columbia admits me, I really do hope they transfer all my courses.

    As for Tsars above post referring to Penn LPS not granting CAS but rather SAS degrees, I urge you to read this site:

    FAQ | Penn LPS

    LPS degree = UPenn College of Arts and Sciences Degree

    Fascinating how someone attending a great university, hopefully being taught great methods of intelligent analysis, would state something about a university/program he/she knows nothing about, as opposed to doing a quick search to actually find the factual, unbiased real answer.

    Also, another lure of mine to LPS was their new joint program with Wharton MBA (which is new because its new for CAS, and because CAS = LPS, well, you get it). If you kill it as an undergrad, in your senior year you can begin taking MBA courses and in 5 years have your BA/BS and your MBA = Rockstar
  • tsar10027tsar10027 Registered User Posts: 242 Junior Member
    Looks like you were right Philly, my sincerest apologies. It sounds a bit strange that a school conferring the same exact degree as CAS would not require test scores of any kind after x amount of time spent in college. But, upon perusing the link you provided, it sounds like Lps is a rather wonderful option.

    On another note, I can tell you that GS was rather generous with my transfer credit, and I received the full 60 units. Thus leaving me with a still daunting 64 units to go.

    I am still a bit shocked by Lps. Admissions doesn't seem all that competitive, but it's exactly the same degree, there must a catch somewhere (as there seemingly always is). Side note: In saying that admissions to Lps does not seem that competitive, I must qualify that I am only speaking in relative terms when compared with the "traditional" path to UPenn CAS. I might have to ask a few UPenn grads about the school.
  • LizfromHollywoodLizfromHollywood Registered User Posts: 379 Member
    @phillyman123 move to cali, move to cali!

    that is all.
  • phillyman123phillyman123 Registered User Posts: 172 Junior Member
    I think Penn LPS, like Columbia, has flexible admissions policies to allow for people with non-traditional backgrounds.

    TSAR, this is great to hear. Columbia is an extremely attractive option but the idea of extending my college experience is just, blah. I need California love, sun, beach, mexican food, life, as liz states lol. Going home a week from this sunday, so stoked.

    Random - totally agree with you.
  • RandomAdmitRandomAdmit Registered User Posts: 307 Member
    tsar, Cornell and Berkeley also dont require test scores from transfer students as well as a cult following of other respectable institutions.

    Being aware that this is a GS forum, I just like to point out that its both a vice and a virtue to re-take courses at an Ivy-League institution in general. Yes, time, and money are always a concern but looking beyond that, I am sure that these institutions are trying to maintain a "reputation"; churning out top-notch undergraduates by running them through a gauntlet of rigorous courses at their institution.

    I think this strategy will make students competitive against other ivy/top students and qualify them for graduate school if they do well. This also holds significant weight on GS/LPS/EW/RUE students because its absolutely necessary that these students need to quell any negative perceptions by excelling in ivy-courses.

    At the end of the day, you are a Penn, or a Columbian and you will be representing the upper crust of private institutions. As such those institutions dont want their names tarnished with graduates that have taken more than half their core courses from questionable schools ( i.e community college; low tier universities ) mostly outside of their school. Makes sense to me.
  • RandomAdmitRandomAdmit Registered User Posts: 307 Member
    At phillyman - If I get accepted to Columbia..... You will find me at my home turf, catching waves in Manhattan Beach for at least a week next month.
  • MusaeumClausumMusaeumClausum Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    Awww man . . . all this California talk is making this ex-Cali Columbian SERIOUSLY homesick. :-\

    I love Columbia, LOVE it. And I actually really love NYC as well. But there are days that I wonder what life would be like had I made my way to Berkeley instead.

    I miss really good avocados.

    Sorry, carry on . . .
  • RandomAdmitRandomAdmit Registered User Posts: 307 Member
    lol, MusaeumClausum. I havent been to Cali in about four years. Aside from the beaches, It sucks so badly for me because I am used to eating authentic Hawaiian food and a lot of the Asian mom and pop shop restaurants are what I miss the most. What I noticed is that korean restaurants in Cali taste ALOT better than the places I have been in K-Town and Fort Lee. I hate eating at chain store restaurants, which they have too much of in NYC. OMG I miss walking down the pier in Redondo Beach eating while watching people go fishing!!!!!! Those were the best times. 'Sigh'
  • torpSPOTtorpSPOT Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    I appreciate the responses, really. I think people get too caught up in this college business, it's just a platform after all. I'm curious though, would anyone know any statistics pertaining to LPS grads and law school? I realize this is the wrong thread, but I'm new to the site and lazy, very lazy, lol. Take care gentlemen.
  • hellojanhellojan Registered User Posts: 1,632 Senior Member
    Seriously, bro?
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