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Official Columbia Early Decision Class of 2016 RESULTS

neiro6neiro6 401 replies9 threads Member
edited December 2012 in Columbia University
Official Columbia Early Decision Class of 2016 Results

[size=+3]STATS ONLY[/size]

Use the format below, delete spaces between the brackets when you post to get the right formatting. *Thanks Silence1113 from class of 2015 for this format

[ size=+1][ color=blue][ b]Decision: [ /b][ /color][ /size]

[ b]Stats:[ /b][ list]
[ *] SAT:
[ *] SAT IIs:
[ *] GPA:
[ *] Rank:
[ *] Other stats:
[ /list][ b]Subjective:[ /b][ list]
[ *] Essays:
[ *] ECs:
[ *] Teacher Recs:
[ *] Counselor Rec:
[ *] Hook (if any):
[ /list][ b]Location/Person:[ /b][ list]
[ *] State or Country:
[ *] School Type:
[ *] Ethnicity:
[ *] Gender:
[ /list][ b]Other Factors:[ /b]
[ b]General Comments:[ /b]


[size=+1]Decision: [/size]

  • SAT:
  • SAT IIs:
  • GPA:
  • Rank:
  • Other stats:
  • Essays:
  • ECs:
  • Teacher Recs:
  • Counselor Rec:
  • Hook (if any):
  • State or Country:
  • School Type:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Gender:
Other Factors:
General Comments:
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Replies to: Official Columbia Early Decision Class of 2016 RESULTS

  • schemmy888schemmy888 132 replies19 threads Junior Member
    You may want to add awards also
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  • neiro6neiro6 401 replies9 threads Member
    Bump. 3 hours, 15 minutes...
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  • bbear12bbear12 36 replies6 threads Junior Member
    You might also want to include whether the applicant was asked for first quarter grades.
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  • ToBePremedToBePremed 43 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Also, please add which school they applied to: CC or SEAS
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  • neiro6neiro6 401 replies9 threads Member
    Hey guys, I think this is all stuff that fits under categories addressed in the template (other stats, general comments, other factors). As I'd prefer not to create a new thread so close to the deadline, and for consistency's sake with last year's thread, this template will remain. @ToBePremed, last year I saw many people put "accepted to SEAS" or "accepted to CC" as either their decision or somewhere else in the template. I would push for that.

    Once again, guys, this thread is for STATS ONLY. Please refrain from making other comments until people actually start posting results.
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  • neiro6neiro6 401 replies9 threads Member
    home stretch bump
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  • CalexicoCalexico 113 replies15 threads Junior Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Deferred[/size]

    • SAT: 2370 (770 CR, 800 M, 800 W)
    • SAT IIs: 760 Biology M, 800 US History, 800 Math 2, 750 Literature
    • GPA: 4.6116/5 weighted
    • Rank: 6/270
    • Other stats: 105 AMC 12, 238 PSAT
    • Essays: Okay
    • ECs: Okay
    • Teacher Recs: Okay
    • Counselor Rec: Okay
    • Hook (if any): Nope
    • State or Country: Connecticut
    • School Type: Competitive public
    • Ethnicity: Asian (did not specify in application but obvious from my name)
    • Gender: Male
    Other Factors: Studying Applied Mathematics, Relatively poor interview
    General Comments: Very strong senior 1st quarter grades (4 A+'s, 2 A-'s, all APs); Strong upward trend
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  • columbiakid9331columbiakid9331 10 replies0 threads New Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Deferred [/size]

    • SAT: 2110, 2130 superscore, CR 700, WR 760 M 670
    • SAT IIs: US History 770, Lit 700, Math II 630
    • GPA: 3.9 UW, 4.34 W
    • Rank: 1/80
    • Other stats:
    [ b]Subjective:[/b][ list]
    [*] Essays: Common App-good I think, but risky as highly abstract. Wrote about witnessing the death of the horse and how it made me appreciate the beauty of life. Supplements-also decent, i think. Wrote about multiple perspectives of New Yorker magazine, love of philosophy
    [*] ECs: Competitive event rider ranked nationally, ride 6x week and compete almost every weekend
    Co-Founder and Co-Editor of School Newspaper
    Executive Board Louisville Science Center, helped plan Regional Youth Science Summit of 150+ attendance
    Lead in School Play
    Chairman of Student Run Charitable Foundation
    150+ Service Hours
    2 summer internships-one was 40 hrs per week paid at Fortune 500! company, one was a competitively obtained internship at the James Brown Cancer Center in Louisiville
    Head of Mock UN Club, won several awards
    Numerous other things
    [*] Teacher Recs: Should've been outstanding, both loved me
    [*] Counselor Rec: Should've been great-though the guy's a little crazy so who knows
    [*] Hook (if any): Want to be a philosophy major-kind of obscure so Idk if that would help
    • State or Country: US
    • School Type: Private Independent
    • Ethnicity: White
    • Gender: Female
    Other Factors: Really good interview (?)
    General Comments: Wasn't really expecting anything, not too crushed atm.
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  • neiro6neiro6 401 replies9 threads Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Accepted!!!!!![/size]

    • SAT: 2300 (790CR 750M 760W) one sitting
    • SAT IIs: 800 USH, 800 WH, 790 Math II
    • GPA: 3.98/4 (4.0 if you only count HS classes)
    • Rank: --
    • Other stats: National Merit Semifinalist… 5s on all APs (Macro, Micro, Lang, World, US Gov, CS A)
    • Essays: Not my best work, but probably unique topics… including ~the scarlet letter~ and ~alexander hamilton~ (about how much I liked them hah)
    • ECs: Summer research internship, Youth Lieutenant Governor of MD through Youth and Government, 3 year volleyball player (1 year manager), NHS treasurer, volunteer work at museum, tons of helping with school events
    • Teacher Recs: Both from teachers who really like me, one of whom I'm student aiding for. I assume they were both quite good.
    • Counselor Rec: Generic.
    • Hook(if any): Adopted by gay (now separated) parents, wrote common app essay about my (sort of weird) feelings about it.
    • State or Country: MD
    • School Type: Public, 2500+ kids, competitive magnet program
    • Ethnicity: Asian
    • Gender: Female
    Other Factors: Schedule this year was kinda loaf because of scheduling problems, which I forgot to mention and I doubt my counselor did cause she was on maternity leave from May to October 28th…
    General Comments:
    I love you all. Really. Whatever it says next to "decision".
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  • theamazingemztheamazingemz 98 replies4 threads Junior Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Deferred [/size]

    • SAT: 2240
    • SAT IIs: Literature, 790 & U.S. History, 760
    • GPA: 104.4/100.0
    • Rank: 2/214
    • Other stats: APs: World History, English Language, Human Geography (5s): Calculus AB, Psychology, U.S. History (4s), Calculus BC (3) [didn't send in that score lol]
      Also, I'm taking AP Environmental Science, AP Government, AP Macro Economics, and AP English Lit this year.

    • Essays: Main essay about my overcoming of an eating disorder, and how it led to finding strength and solidity in myself
    • ECs: President/Captain of NHS, Interact, Quizbowl, and Academic UIL: Have been an Athletic Trainer all 4 years of high school, trained football and basketball, lettered in it
    • Teacher Recs: One from English teacher whose been my NJHS/NHS head and personal friend, one from my government teacher
    • Counselor Rec: Should have been pretty good, she likes me and knows me well.
    • Hook (if any): Attended Summer HSP at Columbia, attached a glowing recommendation from my professor (who's an associate professor at Columbia) which, among other things, states that he wants me to come back as a T.A.
    • State or Country: Texas
    • School Type: Small, rural
    • Ethnicity: Hispanic
    • Gender: Female
    Other Factors: I work as a hostess about 14 hours a week.

    General Comments:

    ...dammit. Time to work on other apps, lightning speed. Congrats to all who were accepted! We’ll all end up where we’re supposed to.
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  • cheeb12cheeb12 17 replies4 threads New Member
    [size=+1]Decision:Rejected [/size]

    • SAT: 2070
    • SAT IIs: 690 English, 770 US Hist 610 Math 2
    • GPA: 4.17 weighted
    • Rank: 3
    • Other stats:
    • Essays: Okay.. I guess?
    • ECs: Nothing special, some sports, clubs.
    • Teacher Recs:
    • Counselor Rec:
    • Hook (if any): None
    • State or Country: CA
    • School Type: Public
    • Ethnicity: Asian
    • Gender: Male
    Other Factors:
    General Comments:
    Well, that's the end of the line. I was kind of expecting it, but it still hurts... Goodbye my dreams of New York, goodbye.

    Congratulations to everyone that made it, I'm jealous, but I'm really happy for all of you. It was great talking to everyone during the waiting..
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  • coobotcoobot 71 replies10 threads Junior Member
    cheeb12, maybe it was your 2071 SAT score that got you rejected?
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  • nlittlepoolenlittlepoole 43 replies11 threads Junior Member
    [ size=+1]Decision:Accepted SEAS!!!!! [/size]

    • SAT: 2160 M:710 ,CR:730 WR:720
    • SAT IIs: Math II:740 Physics:600
    • GPA: UW:3.9 W:4.56
    • Rank:11/110
    • Other stats: Taking Calculus 3 at a community college, 6 IB Math SL, 5 AP USH
    • Essays:About transition to public school
    • ECs:
    • Teacher Recs:two great ones, one from my calc teacher who is a former columbia student
    • Counselor Rec: generic but i guess good enough
    • Hook (if any):URM (Black)
    Location/Person:Pittsburgh[ list]
    [*] State or Country: PA, United States
    [*] School Type:Public
    [*] Ethnicity:African American
    [*] Gender:Male
    [/list][ b]Other Factors:[/b]
    General Comments:
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  • brandnew3773brandnew3773 156 replies0 threads Junior Member

    • SAT:2330 (CR: 800, Math: 790, Writing: 740)
    • SAT IIs: Lit-740 Math I-760
    • GPA:4.35 weighted 4.0 unweighted
    • Rank: N/A
    • Other stats: National Merit Semifinalist, AP Scholar with Distinction,
    • Essays: Pretty good, I talked about how I overcame OCD and used rowing metaphors throughout
    • ECs: 6th in nation in lightweight rowing, SADD, National Honor Society, Blood Club, Arrupe
    • Teacher Recs:Very good. One was from a math teacher and the other was from a English teacher
    • Counselor Rec: Awesome, my counselor loved me and I talked with him frequently over the past couple of years.
    • Hook (if any): Athlete
    • State or Country: Ohio
    • School Type: Large Private
    • Ethnicity: White
    • Gender:Male
    Other Factors: I have self studied a few AP classes and gotten 5's on 5 tests and 4s on two tests
    General Comments: Guys its been really great getting to know everyone on this forum over the past couple of months, and I know that for those of you who were rejected it feels like the end of the world. But I can promise you it isn't, I have a lot of family members who have been rejected from their "dream" school only to attend a less prestigious school later and all of them absolutely love the school they are at now. College is seriously what you make of it no matter where you are. (Corny I know haha).
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  • glibertglibert 25 replies0 threads New Member
    [ size=+1][ color=blue][ b]Decision: Rejected[ /b][ /color][ /size]

    [ b]Stats:[ /b][ list]
    [ *] SAT: 2350
    [ *] SAT IIs: 800 Math II 790 Japanese 770 Physics
    [ *] GPA: 3.52 UW/4.33 W
    [ *] Rank: --
    [ *] Other stats: National Merit Semifinalist
    [ /list][ b]Subjective:[ /b][ list]
    [ *] Essays: Wrote it in LaTeX...'nuff said
    [ *] ECs: Co-captain of math team, Robotics, Tutoring, Learn a Language club
    [ *] Teacher Recs: Amazing
    [ *] Counselor Rec: Who knows
    [ *] Hook (if any): Taught myself Japanese, placed in a national competition with those skills...
    [ /list][ b]Location/Person:[ /b][ list]
    [ *] State or Country: MD
    [ *] School Type: Magnet
    [ *] Ethnicity: White Jewish
    [ *] Gender: Male
    [ /list][ b]Other Factors:[ /b]
    [ b]General Comments: I feel like I messed up my supplement...thanks for making me submit it a month early counselor >.> [ /b]
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  • fiendishthingiefiendishthingie 9 replies3 threads New Member
    Decision: Deferred


    SAT: 2180 (800 CR, 640 M, 740 W)
    SAT IIs: 750 World History, 740 US History
    GPA: 3.67 unweighted (our school weights for no one)
    Rank: Nor do they rank...
    Other: AP Scholar with Distinction


    Essays: I thought they were pretty dang good.
    ECs: Captain of the track team, Editor in Chief of school newspaper, internship, Co-President of Environmental Club,
    Teacher Recs: Good
    Counselor Rec: Good
    Hook (if any): Mom went to grad school there... I guess none, really.


    State or Country: New York
    School Type: Competitive public
    Ethnicity: White
    Gender: Female
    Other Factors: I thought the interview relatively well. I mean, it was awkward at points but I asked a lot of good questions and the (relatively young) woman seemed to warm up to me by the end.
    General Comments: Good senior 1st quarter grades (As and A-s). Keeping my fingers crossed!
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  • alexstockalexstock 5 replies0 threads New Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Rejected[/size]

    • SAT: Reading 740 Math 740 Writing 710
    • SAT IIs: US History 710 Physics 740
    • GPA: school doesn't use 4.0 scale
    • Rank: Top 10%
    • Other stats:

    • Essays: Pretty unique, concentrated on political stuff
    • ECs: Yearbook Editor, Newspaper copy editor, curling team, Subway Sandwiches, some other minor stuff
    • Teacher Recs: All fantastic, saw all of them
    • Counselor Rec: Fantastic, saw it
    • Hook (if any):

    • State or Country: Canada
    • School Type: Large, Public, Competitive
    • Ethnicity: White
    • Gender: Male

    The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese :D
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  • ajhhs12ajhhs12 189 replies17 threads Junior Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Rejected [/size]

    • SAT: 2080
    • SAT IIs: 800 French, 770 History, 750 Spanish
    • GPA: 3.744/4.000
    • Rank: N/A
    • Other stats:
    • Essays: I was told they were good.
    • ECs: Lots of tutoring (150+hours), Community service (300+ hours)
    • Teacher Recs: They all really liked me, but since I didn't read them I can't really judge.
    • Counselor Rec: We've really connected over the years, and she knows me really well. But once again, I didn't read it so I couldn't rate it.
    • Hook (if any): Latino, Native of the Americas
    [ b]Location/Person:[/b]
    • State or Country: MI
    • School Type: Public
    • Ethnicity: Latino
    • Gender: Male
    [ b]Other Factors:[/b]
    General Comments: Too bad. Now I gotta wait for Michigan. Haha. Congrats to y'all who were accepted! And good luck to those who were deferred/rejected!
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  • schemmy888schemmy888 132 replies19 threads Junior Member
    [ size=+1][ color=blue][ b] Decision: Deferred [ /b][ /color][ /size]

    [ b]Stats:[ /b][ list]
    [ *] SAT: 2250
    [ *] SAT IIs: 730, 710, 680
    [ *] GPA: 96.5
    [ *] Rank: 17/ 257
    [ *] Other stats: Rensellaer Medal, HMMT 11th Place, etc
    [ /list][ b]Subjective:[ /b][ list]
    [ *] Essays: Idk
    [ *] ECs: Worked on top 100 iPod app, published technical paper, doing more research now...etc
    [ *] Teacher Recs: 1 From someone who worked admissions @ Columbia...that helped -_-
    [ *] Counselor Rec: Great
    [ *] Hook (if any): Talked with Columbia professor who told me I'd get in -_-
    [ /list][ b]Location/Person:[ /b][ list]
    [ *] State or Country: NJ
    [ *] School Type: Mid Size - Sends like 3 to Ivies a year
    [ *] Ethnicity: White
    [ *] Gender: Male
    [ /list][ b]Other Factors:[ /b]
    [ b]General Comments:[ /b]

    Kind of dissapointed, but its whatever. CONGRATS TO ALL WHO GOT ACCEPTED
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  • jasminnyjasminny 68 replies11 threads Junior Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Rejected [/size]

    • SAT: 2140 (750 CR 690 M 700 W)
    • SAT IIs: Math II 700 USHistory 660 (Took physics but I’d rather not say).
    • GPA: 4.2 (UW: 3.8)
    • Rank: School doesn’t rank
    • Other stats: By the time I graduate I will have taken 10 APs (5 Psych, 4 USH, 4 Lang, 3 World, 2 Spanish Lang)
    • Essays: I thought they were pretty good. My common app was about the club I’m a President of and how it relates to my heritage. I thought my Engineering essay was pretty good, although it probably could have been better. It was the one essay I wasn’t completely satisfied with.
    • ECs:
      -Liberty in North Korea club (10-12)(mentioned above)(President)
      -Model United Nations club (9-12)
      -Fellowship of Christian Athletes club (10-12)
      -It’s Academic (10-12)
      -Marching Band (9-12)(Section Leader 12, Assistant Section Leader 11, Best section 10-12)
      -Cheerleading (9-10)(Had to quit because they got rid of winter season cheer)
      -Girl Scouts (9-12)(Gold Award was approved and I am almost done with it!)
      -Math Honor Society (11-12)(Treasurer)
      -Tri-M Music Honor Society (11-12)(Secretary)
      -English Honor Society (11-12)
      -National Honor Society (11-12)
      -Spanish Honor Society (10-12)
      -Church Head AV Technician (over 624 hours in High School)
      -Volunteered at the library for three summers (around 66 hours total).
    • Teacher Recs: I read one, AP Psychology teacher, and it was really well written and portrayed me well. He said I was one of his top students he ever taught. And he added in something about my baking which I didn’t convey in my application. Although he did a bit of listing, which colleges already know about from the CA. The second was from my math teacher who liked me a great deal but who I know is brutally honest. I didn’t get to read it but I am pretty positive it was a strong letter.
    • Counselor Rec: My counselor doesn’t really know me because he doesn’t take the time to get to know everyone. I’ve visited him over a hundred times in the last four years and he still doesn’t know my name. But hopefully it was good. I gave him a resume and filled out this questionaire for him.
    • Hook (if any): N/A
    • State or Country: Virginia, close to DC
    • School Type: Pretty big, ranked fairly high. It’s in Fairfax County.
    • Ethnicity: Asian
    • Gender: Girl
    Other Factors:
    General Comments:
    I wrote this all up before I got my decision since I knew if I did it after, and ended up being rejected, I wouldn’t put much effort into it. And I want to help out the kids who look back on this next year. I didn't realize it didn't have to be so detailed. LOL.
    I have a few awards but only like Summa Cum Laude and Band Student of the Year.
    I had an interview. I liked him but he did study what I was planning on studying and he knew a lot about all of my activities which made me nervous, I guess. And he told me he's interviewed over 150 kids and only 3 have gotten in. Columbia was my dream school and I guess it was a dream for a reason. It just really stings. Congrats to everyone who got in.
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