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Quality of Columbia ED/RD applicants?

HateSMUSHateSMUS Registered User Posts: 470 Member
edited November 2012 in Columbia University
Hi CC community!
I have applied to Columbia ED for class of 2017. Knowing that Columbia's ED admission rate is roughly near 20%, I became curious about the quality of the applicants. Around me, at least in my school, there were often lot of peer students who applied Columbia, Brown, and Dartmouth ED without any generally qualified stats. When I say qualified stats, SAT score higher than 2100 or 2000, impressive or outstanding ECs, 3.8+ GPA and others. I know scores are not everything for Ivy universities admission but without being URM or having very unique ECs or essays, the chance is incredibly slim. For me, though I'm an Asian international student, I think I have a fair (not so high) chance for admission with 2240 SAT, 790/780 SAT2s and some impressive ECs. Does anyone have idea how much of 'unqualified' applicants apply for Columbia? I mean no offense to those who applied Columbia as their dream school without particular stats, but I wanna find out what the admission rate is among well qualified applicants.
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Replies to: Quality of Columbia ED/RD applicants?

  • andreavalandreaval Registered User Posts: 143 Junior Member
    I get what you mean, about scores and stuff. Honestly, essays for example matter a ton. But for your question, I don't know how MANY apply without having perfect scores and stuff, but I do know a girl who got into Columbia without reaching the 2000 mark on the SAT. She had stellar essays, GPA, etc., though. So it's definitely not ALL about scores and numbers.
    Hopefully that helped :)
  • brandnew3773brandnew3773 Registered User Posts: 156 Junior Member
    I'm typing from a phone so I will be brief. However you have to realize that a LARGE portion of the early applicants that get accepted are athletic recruits. So although the acceptance rate is significantly higher than regular decision it is also very skewed as a result of the athletes and other essential students they want. (Think URMs, athletes, musicians, etc). The applicants they accept who aren't one of the aforementioned things are usually pretty superb academically otherwise columbia will just defer the applicant because they know if they accept someone RD who applied ED then they will most likely attend anyways. Hope this answers your question.

    Source: current CC Freshman who applied ED and researched it pretty in depth.
  • neiro6neiro6 Registered User Posts: 410 Member
    Other than athletes, ED is also fairly self-selecting, at least apocryphally. Most people who are willing to do ED have their stuff together for Columbia already - whether that's athletes, legacies, or just overachievers ;)

    Source: also ED 2016
  • HateSMUSHateSMUS Registered User Posts: 470 Member
    Thanks for your replies! I kinda got a sense but still slightly confused becuz I see lot of peer students with less academic accomplishment applying to IVY ED ( they r not either athletes or legacies). I'm not competing with most of you guys since I'm competing in Korean international applicant pool. Thank god there r very less Korean athletes or legacies.
  • sallylushsallylush Registered User Posts: 30 Junior Member
    You also have to keep in mind that ED applicants are DEDICATED. It's not EA where you can apply even if you're not sure. ED kids apply because they've done extensive research/visiting and are 100% positive that they want to go there. Therefore, their essays/supplements are probably significantly more thoughtful and well-written because I personally blew off many of my other supplements for my safeties but I spent all summer and fall writing my Columbia ones.
  • HateSMUSHateSMUS Registered User Posts: 470 Member
    @sallylush, what you said is probably the common sense, or what most ppl would think of. what I am saying is that I see lot of 'under'achievers apply to IVY schools ED just cuz they like the campus or atmosphere. I don't see any academic reason behind their selection of ED and I see scores like 1800s in SAT or 27 in ACT not so qualified for Columbia unless they are athletes, legacy or URM.
  • colum2017colum2017 Registered User Posts: 60 Junior Member
    @HateSMUS -- What sallylush posted doesn't have anything to do with academics. Her main point was that ED applicants choose ED because of their dedication to school. Academic reason has nothing to do with applying to a school with Early Decision, unless an applicant with a very low SAT score does so to increase his chances, which doesn't work.
  • HateSMUSHateSMUS Registered User Posts: 470 Member
    @colum2017, yes, I noticed dedication. But you will need to define 'dedication'. If you mean searching and gaining lot of info for the university, evaluate, and make one's choice, I would say you are right. The people I were referring to were those who didn't search the university very throughly but just saw the campus, atmosphere, major ranking, the surrounding (for Columbia, NYC), prestige (Ex- Ivy university) and decided to apply ED to increase their chances. For the academic, sure they matters in ED. The quality of the major in the ED university matters. The curriculum that the university offers matters. Classes that are required to take matters. Various academic reasons matter to lot of applicants. In addition to other appeals of Columbia university, combined BA-MA program appealed to me as well. It's totally non sense that academic reason has nothing to do with applying to an ED school.
  • colum2017colum2017 Registered User Posts: 60 Junior Member
    HateSMUS -- Sorry, I think we misunderstood each other. What I was trying to say was that Early Decision is not only for people with the best GPA and best SAT scores. Anyone can apply to Columbia University through the Early Decision program; what I mean by "dedication" is that they definitely want to attend the university if admitted.
  • HateSMUSHateSMUS Registered User Posts: 470 Member
    @colum2017, oh okay. Perhaps some university-obsessive people are just around me, but they apply either Penn ED or Columbia ED + other EA schools. They say they would be very satisfied if they can get into any ivy schools. So they are 'dedicated' in a sense, but without a specific reason.
    For GPA and SAT scores, surely quite a few people get accepted with objectives much below objectives of average Columbia freshmen, but I think the chance for individual in that score range is pretty slim (not saying impossible or brutal) compared to others who have 'qualified' score.
  • corrinder94corrinder94 Registered User Posts: 189 Junior Member
    I have no idea what you're saying. If your rambling style found a way into your essays then I don't think thats a good thing lol
  • HateSMUSHateSMUS Registered User Posts: 470 Member
    @corrinder94, Since you have a very difficult time understanding a very fine and easy passage, I don't think submitting your SAT1 score to universities is a good thing. lol Your sentence structure is also incorrect. I suggest you take a special tutor for both critical reading and writing skills.
  • hgual88hgual88 Registered User Posts: 46 New Member
    Geez you guys don't have to be so mean ! I think that Columbia admissions people would cringe if they were reading what you're saying to each other. As for the original question, I think that the acceptance rate is higher for ED because the strongest applicants apply then. Also, recruited athletes and the kids of large donors tend to apply early.
  • HateSMUSHateSMUS Registered User Posts: 470 Member
    I'm not sure if ED applicants are very strong compared to regular applicants. I agree they are more aware of Columbia University, and often have stronger stats. But at the same time, I've seen many 'weaker' applicants applying to Ivy league ED without much pragmatic approach. Beside the differences in the qualities of applicants, I also think the binding effect of ED should have contributed to acceptance rate boost in ED. I recall my reading that Columbia accepts more (in number) strong applicants in ED than in RD because they can secure those strong applicants by the binding of ED whereas in RD, the applicants have other universities options. While university admission officers officially say that EA/ED don't boost your chance, it makes sense that the opportunity costs of SCEA/REA and binding effect of ED should compensate for its costs.
  • cortana431cortana431 - Posts: 5,015 Senior Member
    "Qualified stats" are more like mid 2200+ SAT and at least top ~2% of the class for unhooked applicants. Those are the students who really have a realistic shot in getting into Columbia.

    Keep in mind that as an international student, you are in a much more competitive pool with fewer available slots and a much lower acceptance rate.
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