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Guydude01Guydude01 23 replies12 threads Junior Member
edited July 2018 in Columbia University
Location: United Arab Emirates
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity/Originally from: Bethlehem, Palestine
-Color Blind
-I am a triplet
-International student
-dont require financial aid

School has never sent anyone to the IVY league (or anywhere good) & my school is full IB
(meaning i have been in an ib program since grade 5) 1 of 4 schools in the world.
(My location and school also doesnt provide many opportunities to compete in competitions like the west does you would have to research for long hours to enter a compeition valid for you and in the UAE)

Business Economics & Public Policy


FULL IB + Extra 2 APs
-41 IB Subject points
English HL [7]
Information Technology HL [7]
Physics HL[7]
Math SL[7] (Math HL not available in my school)
French [6]
AP Macroeconomics
AP Government & Politics

(Im taking these two extra AP courses to replace the subject tests because i believe studying something of interest and beneficial to me is better of us than completing a test that isnt required)
(i am also taking it because my schools doesnt offer economics)

- Chair & Founder of The Debate club Branched between two school, dedicated to discussing and debating world issues, leaders and solutions to nationwide and international dilemas
- President of the Ted-Ed Club where we research and present idea’s of our own interest much like ted-talks, to improve public speaking skills, and allow students to do their own individual research.
- Director & Founder of the Political science club association where we Students various political systems and comparative government incorporating discussion sessions for various world issues
- President & Founder of the Law society where we the students analyze court rulings and practices of lawyers following proper court proceedings, and involving themselves in mock trials
- Vice-President of the GCS Robotics Club where we build and program robots, prepare for various tournaments both national and local
- Director & Founder of the the Investment society where we lead students on certain investment methods regarding stock, cryptocurrency, resources penny stocks etc, and work as a team to better the collaborative system
- President & Founder of the Chess club, where we organize tournaments, special matches, groupings etc.
- Member of Model United nations where i had attended an international conference and our school was collectively awarded 1st place
- Member of international Physics Brawl where problem sets are provided every month, to be answered in that month, with rankings of students worldwide
- Member of Canada’s Conservative party
- Playing Ice hockey with the Mens league “Dubai Mighty Camels” as a 17 year old
- Tutoring / teaching programming skills
- Played organized baseball for the past 4 years
- Partaken in equestrian for 4 years
- Member of the KG Reading Club

Awards & Recognition (School/country does not provide opportunities for students to receive many awards)
- Best actor & Best production award
- Best Lawyer at Mock Trial award
- Captaincy ice hockey
- Finalist in a Business Plan competition, where students build a business idea, and construct relevant planning through, employee benefits, to production, marketing etc.
- 3 MVP Ice hockey awards
- CAPTAINED Robotics team [4th Place]
- Distinction in Chemistry SL

- FOUNDER & CEO of tech business "Advenio" & "Numeric” Generating Revenue, receiving investments to develop the company, with all earnings being sent to the Red Crescent so they may be donated for children in Palestine suffering from their displacement.
- FOUNDER & CEO of PrimeFinancial, An investment consulting company, managing investments for small business and individuals, managing their funds and profits. 50% of the grossed profit is donated to Palestinian children suffering from their displacement where the remaining 50% is invested into the company, none is pocketed.
- Experienced and passionate Investor owning stocks within, amazon, facebook, JPMorgan and primarily work in “Contract for Difference” trading and the Foreign Exchange Market.
- Paid internship as an associate in Finance at grade A level electrical engineering company “ECHO Electricity” in Abu Dhabi
- Chief Director of “Conservative Canada” association, campaigning team regarding conservative views of government and politics in regards to the house of commons earning endowment being featured on our website and newsletter.
- Chairman and Founder of “Investment Bowl” where ages 6-10 participate in an investment competition to see who can raise the most money and put to test their skills learned (through the use of a software, where the money is virtual and fake)
- Chairman of the “Lend a Hand” organization, where i lead a team that organized a very large community fair that raised $10k and donated it to Homless shelter in Canada
- Chief Director of the “Feed the Needy” charity where my team and I had collected money to support the children in Palestine suffering throughout their displacement through the use of supplying them with learning tools, such as books, stationery, etc.
- Chief Director of Non-Profit Organization “Help Canada” charity where my team and I had organized school events and compeitions to raise money to be donated to a homless shelter in Canada
- Captained a robotics team at the Taleem Robotics competition receiving 4th place
- Captained the Dubai Sandstorms, the ice hockey team I played for in the UAE
- Self Published Paper in regards to the conservative Canadian political ideals and research on trade tarrifs in regards to United States and Canada relations
- Written a Research Paper in regards to the Foreign exchange markets ethical and economics impacts on small business and traders
- Written Research Paper in regards to proposed company business model for the development of companies situated with the technology industry to promote and generate profit [Level 7/7] [IB]
- Participated in University of Waterloo UCLED Mathematics competition
- Participated in the international Physics Brawl where problem sets are provided every month, to be answered in that month, with rankings of students worldwide
- Enrolled in AP® calculus B/C edX program
- Enrolled in Financial Markets Yale program
- Enrolled in Investment and Portfolio Management Rice program
- Enrolled in Capital Markets and Key participants program NYIFx
- Enrolled in Harvardx High-Dimensional Data Analysis
- Enrolled in Introduction to Corporate Finance Columbiax program
- Enrolled in a Leadership & Public Speaking camp for Muslim-Canadians in MissauagaCenter
- Enrolled in Summer program of Mechatronics & Engineering Mcmasters University
- Enrolled in Harvardx Quantum Information Science II: Quantum Computing - fault tolerance and complexity
- I have taught myself 4 programming languages
- Volunteering at wheelchair basketball

- I know im an international applicant, i know my essays must be stellar, i know my recommendations better be too.

But im doing my absolute best to beef up my application because I know the odds are not in my favor for any of the schools im applying to in the ivy league

But if you can please tell me what i can do to improve i would really appreciate it, would you think i'd be admitted?

(other than awards because i have tried long and hard but the UAE is dry)& (i doubt ill be able to complete subject tests)

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