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Columbia Supplements

Jleto18Jleto18 231 replies85 threads Member
For the 150 word supplements that ask about your favorite books, entertainment, and such, do I just list out some of my favorites? Or do I name one then briefly describe it then another and briefly describe it and so on? Or do I do something else entirely? The problem I can see with my brief description is that I could probably only do 2-3 if that in the 150 words provided. But, it seems kind of odd to me to just make a list without some explanation. What should I do?
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  • SlowPopSlowPop 38 replies3 threads Junior Member
    This question comes up a lot. There's no need to overthink it. There are no wrong answers.

    A straight list is fine. Adding a few reasons is very common. Longer annotations with just 2 or 3 items are fine too. Don't bother with wiki-type summaries. Explaining why is always better than what. Don't manufacture lists to project a certain image.

    The required reading list helps put your school in context - English 12 is not the same everywhere, some read Finnegan's Wake while others read To Kill A Mockingbird. The pleasure book list gives some insight into your interests - listing the Core books will not help. The print/electronic publications generally don't need annotations and lets them know if/how you keep up with current events and your interests. And the other entertainment helps confirm other information about your social/economic/cultural background contained in your recommendations and essays.
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  • Jleto18Jleto18 231 replies85 threads Member
    Would it be appropriate to add humor to my descriptions? Obviously nothing vulgar, but a sentence or two that describes the book in a humorous manner? The problem I could see is that the AOs might not think that my humor is very funny.
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  • Jleto18Jleto18 231 replies85 threads Member
    Here's an example:
    Oedipus Rex by Sophocles - I would make a mom joke.....but it wouldn't be fair since Oedipus wouldn't see it coming.
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  • preppedparentpreppedparent 3341 replies10 threads Senior Member
    Your app should tell a story about your many interests, passions and curiosities. You can use this section to reveal some aspect of your personality that has not been portrayed yet. Use the space well.
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