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Explaining bad grades/absences??

soccerlove6soccerlove6 17 replies11 threads Junior Member
Hey guys! I go to boarding school and they list excused/unexcused absences and tardies on our transcript. I am in a cast right now and though some teachers don't give me tardies (its pretty hard to walk ok) some of my teachers keep giving me tardies.. idk if that'll affect my chances. Anyways, if I should explain why I have many tardies where do I do that? and also explaining bad grades maybe(?) (someone I was close to passed away winter term of my junior year and I had to fly across the world to attend her funeral. my parents also made me go to therapy so I missed a bunch of classes)
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Replies to: Explaining bad grades/absences??

  • bjkmombjkmom 7944 replies158 threads Senior Member
    Can't you go to guidance/ the health office/ someone to get a "late to class pass"? That's common in every school I've ever heard of for a kid whose leg is in a cast.

    Why did therapy mean missing classes? My daughter has had therapy for 3 year--after school.
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  • skieuropeskieurope 40111 replies7416 threads Super Moderator
    No college cares about tardies. You don't explain your grades; if needed, your GC can. That said, a death in the family, while sad, is far from a unique occurrence. It's one thing to get a bit of a break for mental health issues, but nobody should expect a pass for missing class - the work needs to be made up.
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  • rockstar01121rockstar01121 57 replies9 threads Junior Member
    There's a spot on the Common App for any unexplained circumstances you would like to mention if that's the application you're using
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  • soccerlove6soccerlove6 17 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I go to boarding school in the US but I don't live here. so I went home for the funeral and had therapy at home and had to miss school
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