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Chance Me- Columbia ED

collegedreamin22collegedreamin22 2 replies2 threads New Member
So I know that there is no way to guarantee an acceptance, as the majority of "qualified" applicants get rejected, but I was just wondering if I have a shot
Columbia has been my dream school for forever so I think applying ED gives me the best chance at admission.
So, here it goes...

Personal stuff:
Ethnicity: white
Gender: female
State: MD
School: big, competitive public school in a DC suburb
Intended major: biology, premed, something science-y

GPA: UW 4.0 W 4.8
SAT 1: 1540 (770 both math and CR)
SAT 2: Math 2 790, Biology 800, World History 790
APs: AP NSL (5), AP World (4), AP Bio (5), AP Lit (5), AP Chemistry (5), AP LANG (4), AP CompSci (4), AP Studio Art, AP European History (5), AP Physics (4)

JV Field hockey (1 year, captain), Varsity Field hockey (3 years, captain last year)
Nationally ranked squash player
Varsity tennis (4 years)
Half marathon runner
Debate team (there were tryouts and only 8 pairs out of 40 hopeful pairs got on the team)
Girls in STEM Club
Premed Club
Girl Up and Intersect (Feminism Clubs)

Job/Internship Experience:
Internship for neuroscience at NIH
Experience in retail/worked as a server in a restaurant

Community Service:
Created and single handedly organized a 5k event for charity in my community
260+ hours of community service (special tassel at graduation)
Various community service jobs (working in a daycare over multiple summers, soup kitchens, food drives, stream clean ups)

Im not sure about my reccomendation letters but I think i have unique, written essays.
I also love reading, creative writing (wrote a 200 pg book for fun but its unpublished so not that impressive), and I love to learn so I know that's important
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Replies to: Chance Me- Columbia ED

  • sanjanagupta1sanjanagupta1 236 replies18 threads Junior Member
    your stats are great and your course rigor too. your EC'S are very focused on science & athletics and I can clearly see that. you've done a lot and have an amazing shot. I obviously can't say you will get in but you do have an amazing shot! if not Columbia, you will go to definitely a top 20 school. good luck! :)
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  • happy1happy1 23258 replies2303 threads Senior Member
    You are well qualified and ED helps but as you know gets you through the first threshold. Things we can't see like your essay, LORs, as well as other intangibles will come into play. I hope things work out for you.

    But as a bit of unsolicited advice, I really don't like the idea of setting up Columbia as some kind of "dream school." The people I see get most hurt by the process are ones who pin all their hopes and dreams on one or two hyper-competitive schools and don't get in. I hope you have spent the time to create a list of reach (including Columbia which must be considered a reach for any unhooked applicant), match, and safety schools that appear affordable and that you would be excited to attend.
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  • theloniusmonktheloniusmonk 2597 replies5 threads Senior Member
    I think you have a good shot, achieving a national ranking in any sport is impressive, even it it's not a recruited one. Any reason you didn't take AP Calc or APUSH, or did I just miss it somewhere?
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  • 5toryt3ll3r5toryt3ll3r 103 replies1 threads Junior Member
    edited November 2018
    So long as you really highlighted how your talents in sports, etc. can be assets to Columbia - how they can nurture you and you can add to them - in your application, I'd say you have a good shot. Columbia loves people who got involved in their communities, and you clearly have that going for you! Even if it doesn't work out, which is always a chance with this level of college, know that you're already very accomplished :)
    edited November 2018
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  • collegedreamin22collegedreamin22 2 replies2 threads New Member
    I did take AP calc guess I just forgot to add it in! I didnt take APUSH because I took US history freshman year (required), then AP NSL sophomore year (required), and I wasn't interested in repeating US history for the millionth time (had it in middle school too) so I took AP world junior year and now I take AP Euro.
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  • collegedreamin22collegedreamin22 2 replies2 threads New Member
    Thank you! I know it's not good to have a "dream school" but I can't help myself. Obviously I have safeties and matches because I know there's a really small chance of getting in and I'm competing against some really amazing people!
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