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Chance Me Columbia ED

Hoping2Hoping2 2 replies2 threads New Member

I am a:
Multicultural (African American, Native American, Caucasian)
Low-Income ($0)
Early-College Student

I attend an early college in North Carolina, my gpa is 3.7 unweighted, 4.6 weighted. My intended major is either English or Creative Writing. I am extremely passionate about creative writing--my essay for Columbia was in a story-type format and I uploaded a portfolio and resume of my work.

National Honor Society
National Beta Honor Society (Community Service Committee--President)
National Science Honor Society--Vice President
National Rho Kappa/Social Studies Honor Society--Treasurer
Writing Club
Community Service (60+ hours)
Writing: 2 portfolios, 1 finished novel, 2 awards

SAT-- English/Reading: 650; Math: 580
Classes: All honors; at least half are college courses or dual enrollment courses

Also, if you don't think that I would get in at either school, what high-ranking liberal arts colleges or universities would you recommend?
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Replies to: Chance Me Columbia ED

  • TheMoreYouKowTheMoreYouKow 90 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Columbia is not happening with those scores, sorry. You can look into test-optional schools, but the top ones are likely out of reach due to mediocre GPA and ECs.
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  • merc81merc81 10837 replies173 threads Senior Member
    edited November 2018
    Also, if you don't think that I would get in at either school, what high-ranking liberal arts colleges or universities would you recommend?

    Though the ultra-selective Columbia might be a tall order, you could continue your college search based on your academic interests:

    The 10 Best Colleges for Creative Writers | The Freelancer

    The 25 Most Literary Colleges in America | Flavorwire



    Kenyon or Oberlin, to offer examples, might represent excellent reach schools for you.
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  • Hoping2Hoping2 2 replies2 threads New Member
    Thank you for responding. @TheMoreYouKow while I am thankful for your response and for your honesty, I am well aware that my scores are 'mediocre' or undesirable. I was asking about the decision for more than just my scores. Your response would have been more worthwhile if you had provided--not constructive criticism--but something a little more helpful. Your answer borders on rude and I would have appreciated it more if you had also provided something more substantial.

    Update: I had an interview with Columbia this past weekend. While my scores are lower than usual--they themselves acknowledged that--they also stated that they have students who go to their university with those scores. They called my application promising--though it could have been them just being super nice to me at the time--and notified me that my portfolio pieces were excellent.
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  • lmjdad1lmjdad1 118 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I truly hope you get accepted ! You have an awesome attitude ... Best of luck
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  • TheMoreYouKowTheMoreYouKow 90 replies5 threads Junior Member
    edited November 2018
    @Hoping2 huh? Where was I rude in my first post, exactly? Just because I didn't tell you what you wanted to hear doesn't mean my response wasn't 'worthwhile'. If this is your reaction to anyone who doesn't think you'll get to the college that accepts 7% of applicants, good luck dealing with actual, more serious criticism.
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  • happy1happy1 23258 replies2303 threads Senior Member
    edited November 2018
    @Hoping2 Yes, you may get some harsh critique on CC, but it is generally meant to be helpful. Having been on CC for many years I have seen way too may people overestimate where they will get in, apply unwisely, and end up left with no viable college options. Nobody wants you to be in that position.

    Your academic stats puts Columbia more or less out of reach -- at best it is a real long-shot. https://undergrad.admissions.columbia.edu/classprofile/2022 Columbia accepted 7% of applicants last year. There is not room for all of the very well qualified applicants -- the school routinely has to turn down people with perfect GPAs and standardized test scores. Keep in mind that the bulk of students who get in with lower test scores are "hooked" applicants (ex. recruited athletes, children of large donors etc.).

    That said, good luck with your application to Columbia -- by all means give it your all. But also be sure to craft an application list that includes affordable (check net price calculator) match/safety schools given your academic stats.

    If you want to research other schools I recommend you get your hands on some good college guide books (ex. Fiske, Princeton Review) and start reading up on different schools. These books are often in the guidance office or library.
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  • TheBigChefTheBigChef 645 replies5 threads Member
    Instate with URM status, you may have a shot at UNC CH, especially if you are coming from an underrepresented county. It's highly ranked and routinely rejects tons of out of state applicants with much higher stats than yours since 82% of each class has to be instate.
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  • Hoping2Hoping2 2 replies2 threads New Member
    Thank you for the responses. @TheMoreYouKow I was not saying you were rude. I have less of a problem with what you posted--I don't need to get told 'what I want'. Columbia is my first ED choice simply because it offers the best financial aid package of all the schools that have contacted me. I don't necessarily want to hear that I'm going to magically get into this ivy-league. To clear things up, I simply wanted to better understand my chances as a complete student, I guess(that barely even makes sense to me but I don't know how else to word it). Second of all, I never said that your response wasn't worthwhile. I like hearing that there is a chance that I don't get in because I've applied to several other schools and Columbia isn't my first choice but financially it would be the best of all the schools that have contacted me. I just wished you had added additional information that would have helped rather than simply state 'yeah, you won't get in.' That's it. Your post had significance and it was worthwhile I just wish it had provided me with more to think on.

    @happy1 thank you for your response. I don't have the arrogance to believe that I will get in--especially with my scores(so I've applied to several others that have a 100% financial need met guarantee and have received acceptance letters). I just wanted to check, see if I had a chance--though I knew it was slim--and see what similar--though not necessarily ivy league--colleges and universities everyone would recommend instead.

    Thank you all though. And I am sorry if there was a misunderstanding.
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  • justdreamingjustdreaming 64 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Honestly, I think it's a long shot, but you never know.

    Other schools to consider (all meet full need and are need-blind):
    - Bowdoin (test-optional)
    - Hamilton (test-flexible)
    - U Chicago (test-optional)
    - Middlebury (test-flexible)
    - Grinnell
    - Vassar
    - Davidson

    Schools that don't meet full need
    - UNC (need-blind)
    - NC State
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