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A few questions

Stophin_Stophin_ 13 replies14 threads Junior Member
1. Does my GPA need to be 4.0 or above weighted to even be considered?
2. Do I need to take the SAT 2?
3. Will there be an interview?
4. How can I get an interview if there isn't?
5. Will the fact that I went to public school hinder my chances?
6. Will the fact that I live in the 43rd worst state education wise hinder my chances?
7. If I want to prove proficiency or fluency in another language (as that's a big chunk of what I'm gearing my application around) will I have to take test confirming that I'm a B2 speaker?
8. How significant is Freshman year grades to Columbia applications?
9. Will the fact that I'm probably going to take less than 7 periods during senior year hinder my chances? (Most, if not all AP)
10. What was your fastest mile time?
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Replies to: A few questions

  • skieuropeskieurope 40170 replies7427 threads Super Moderator
    1. Weighted GPA is only important for internal HS purposes; Columbia looks at UW GPA primarily.
    2. It's strongly recommended if you are not lower socioeconomic status
    3. Maybe. Not all applicants get an interview. It depends on how many interviewers are available.
    4.You don't.If you are not offered one, you don't get one.
    5. No
    6. No
    7. Columbia will not ask you to"prove"proficiency" for admissions. If you are admitted and want to use the language to place out of the language requirement, there are internal exams.
    8. They are important. Perhaps less so if there is a strong upward trend.
    9. No
    10. Not relevant.
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  • 5toryt3ll3r5toryt3ll3r 103 replies1 threads Junior Member
    1. No! It should be as high as possible, but I didn't have a 4.0 GPA and still got in
    2. More than one, if financially possible, and there are fee waivers
    3. I didn't have one and got in
    4. You can't; Columbia asks that applicants not request interviews
    5. Not at all
    6. No, as you have less competition than someone from, say, California or New Jersey
    7. It's not required, but an SAT 2 or AP in the language would be useful to back up your claims
    8. Significant. They should be high unless you have a reason like illness
    9. It depends on what's normal for your school. My school's norm was 5
    10. N/A
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  • onponponponp 3 replies0 threads New Member
    According to their website, you do not need to worry about SAT Subject Tests (SAT II)
    "No, the SAT Subject Test is not required, but Columbia will accept scores from the exams if you choose to submit them. You will not be at a disadvantage should you choose not to take the tests or submit the scores to Columbia."

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