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Chance Me Columbia ED?

CattyyCattyy 16 replies3 threads Junior Member
Hey! I applied to Columbia ED almost a month ago and I've been getting a bit more antsy the closer we get to December. I know nothing is "for sure" but I'd like to get a few opinions! (This is long I'm sorry)

Gender: Female
Race: White
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Immigrant so 0-gen?
Speaks Spanish/English fluently

Unweighted GPA: 3.89
Weighted GPA: 5.12
ACT (highest): 33
SAT (highest): 1430 <-- (not my best lmao)
PSAT: 1410 (National Hispanic Scholar)

Freshman/Sophomore: 2 Pre-AICE (Bio and English) and 2 AICE Courses (General Paper & Thinking Skills), 2 APs (Human Geography and World History).

I switched to a Dual Enroll school my Junior year so all my classes since then have been college courses, hence the high Weighted GPA. The way the program works, I will graduate with an AA degree. (I did not apply as Transfer though)
Here's a few of the courses I have taken to give you an idea:
Math: College Algebra, Trig, Pre-Calc and Algebra
English: Composition 1 and 2, Intro to Literature
History: American History (2 Semesters), Macroeconomics(<--help), National Government

-National Hispanic Scholar
-Poetry Publication

- Work part-time, averaging around 15 hours a week.
- Yearbook Head Writer, only writer for the club (We don't really have a class or any supervision, it's entirely student-run). Manage discord server and communicates with all of the graduating class.
- National Honor Society Head Historian/Yearbook Liason
- Student Government Historian
- Brace Ambassador Member
- Volunteered 200+ hours at an Art Museum
- Volunteered at a rest stop for a charity bike event (about 20-30 hours?)
- GSA Member Freshman/Sophomore Year
- Played Harp for my Freshman/Sophomore year

I also submitted a Portfolio to them with an example of my Screenwriting and of a Short Fiction piece.
I had several people proofread my supplements/Common App essay and, I've got to say I'm pretty proud of them. I feel they really express my interest in the school and my personality as well. My LOR's are pretty strong as well, with one being an English teacher from my current school and another being a History professor at the college I dual enroll at.
My interview went really, really well. We ended up talking for almost an hour and a half, and I really seemed to express my interest in the core during it which is good. I guess what I'm really worried about is my lack of Subject Tests and the fact that I submitted those low SAT scores because I didn't get my 33 on the ACT until a couple days ago....

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