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ED Chances

ecargmecargm 4 replies5 threads New Member

I recently applied to Columbia ED with an interest in the film production concentration, and was wondering what anyone thought my chances may be.

Ethnicity: White (Middle Eastern)

GPA: unweighted 3.9 (round to 4.0), weighted 4.2

SAT on a 1600 scale: 1500

I have taken 8 AP classes during my high school career, 5 of which I am currently taking this senior year.

Extracurriculars: I have a ton of community service hours, I work a part-time job (and a few other side jobs such as selling art commissions, dog sitting, etc.), I am a member of the National Honor Society, the National Art Honor Society (in which I hold a leadership position), my school's book club, a principal's advisory council, my school's foreign language club, my class council, my class prom committee (in which I held a leadership position), and I am a peer tutor. I have also travelled abroad with my school 3/4 of my years with it, and intend to this coming year.

I also submitted an art portfolio, and have won awards in said field.

Some fun life circumstances: I had a major house fire 1/3 of the way into my junior year. I was displaced for 4 months over the holiday season (not to brag, but I was technically homeless in my school database). I moved from motel to motel every week until my family stayed with a friend for the final month of our home's reconstruction.

I know there's so much more that goes into an application and deciding on admission than what I have stated, but this is just a general sense of me. I also know not to get hung up on one school, and I have a list of matches and safeties I would be more than happy to attend.

Thank you!!
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