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Rescinded for dropping a class?

rockstar01121rockstar01121 57 replies9 postsRegistered User Junior Member
If I do get into Columbia, could I get rescinded for dropping a class? I want to drop Bio next semester because
A. I don’t like the class and am sick of studying for 10 hours for a test because they’re not even AP style just random facts
B. If I drop it I get a better teacher for another class because my schedule will change
But I won’t drop it if I risk getting rescinded, really from any college not just Columbia if I don’t get in. Any input?
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Replies to: Rescinded for dropping a class?

  • happy1happy1 22664 replies2225 postsVerified Member Senior Member
    edited December 2018
    An offer of admission can be rescinded for dropping a class. I would suggest:

    1) if you get into Columbia you contact your admissions officer and ask if your offer of admissions would be revoked if you drop the class. If the answer is no, be sure to have it in writing. If you want to drop the class before offers of admission come out contact your regional admission officer and ask if it would impact your admissions decision.

    2) If you don't get into Columbia ED and if you decide to drop the class you must notify every college you applied to (contact your regional admission officer if possible) that you have dropped the class or those offers of admission could be rescinded down the line. Again, be sure the notification is in writing.

    3) Be sure if you drop the class that you will still meet all the requirements for your HS graduation.
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