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Chance me for Columbia ED SEAS

applicant5695applicant5695 2 replies1 threads New Member
edited December 2018 in Columbia University
SAT: 1500 (790 Math, 710 English)
SATII: Math 2 800, Physics 740
AP: CompSci A 4, Physics 1 4
GPA: 91.2/100 UW, School does not weight GPA
Class Rank: Does not rank

Did iDTech programming camp for two years, one of which was at Columbia
Stationed at a TV studio for a year doing CGI, Cameraman, Sound
Piano school for 4 years at precollege program at MSM with two notable professors, won multiple awards (started piano around 4th grade, total 10 years)
Volunteered and led a group around China, touring different cities for 3 years
A+ certified, took the test in freshman year
Volunteered with a tech group that taught seniors how to use tech for two years
Martial arts at a young age, ended at freshman year, won third at a competition


Robotics club, member for two years, competed in FRC FIRST
Table Tennis Club for three years, was treasurer -> Vice
Games club for three years, treasurer -> vice -> pres

No legacy
Income bracket: 80k - 100k
Applied for Financial Aid: yes, I have a sister in college
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Male

Senior workload: AP Physics 2, AP Chinese, AP Stats, AP Psych, H Calc (Wrote in that I woulda taken AP but my teacher was on maternal leave and the sub was too scared to get me to AP, saying it was "too big of a jump")
Total Honors: 5
Total APs: 6
Total IBs: School doesn't offer

PSAT score was top 34k, got a letter of commendation
Obama's presidential education award
Bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English

Interview: Had one, I think it was okay but I'm pretty sure I wasn't able to convince him that I was super invested into Columbia that I actually am, there was a bunch of replies where he said "but every other college has that as well" but at the end he did say that the purpose was to see if you're a good person and that he would write me a good review. I'm pretty sure that I said enough to convince him that I did research into Columbia (like their small student:faculty ratio) and among other things but I didn't research enough into the Core curriculum, and stuff like that. He asked which college I was applying, SEAS or CC, but I didn't realize that the "Fu Foundation" was the same as SEAS so I said "I think CC" and he asked why I didn't apply for SEAS. I later emailed him (along with a thank you email) saying that I didn't realize that SEAS = Fu Foundation and that I actually did apply for that.

EDs come out Thursday for Columbia and I'm super nervous. How good are my chances?
edited December 2018
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