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Chance me for Columbia please?

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General: Female, Western NY, Indian, lowish income (55,000) for family of 6, first generation, muslim
I'm nervous about affirmative action because Columbia took two URM ED from my school with great stories but few ECs. Also, I don't know if they'll get a clear picture of who I am... I'm spiked in science and submitting research abstract/mentor's rec, I'm very dedicated to my language program, and lastly I'm also submitting a nice art portfolio. I'm starting to see way more impressive people get rejected because they don't have cohesive applications.
Thank you for looking at this!!

Majoring in Biomedical Engineering
GPA UW: 3.9, Weighted (4.0 scale): 4.04 so top 10-15% but school doesn't rank!
ACT: 34
SAT Subject Tests: Math 2 (800), Physics (750), Biology (800)
APs: World (4), APUSH (4), Lit (3)
Senior Course Load: IB Physics HL, IB Biology HL, IB Mathematics SL, IB Spanish SL, IB History of the Americas HL, IB Literature HL, Theory of Knowledge, AP Calculus

Top 50 in the USA Biology Olympiad out of 10,000 test takers across the country (NATIONAL)
3rd Place at Western New York Science Fair (REGIONAL)
Candidate for NYS seal of biliteracy in 5 foreign languages (STATE)

Main EC #1: Scientific research at local hospital for (800+ hours, 2 years)
Doing independent research on chromatin function in response to radiation and a chemotherapeutic drug, working towards second author publication
Main EC #2: Created and running a free program at my local Mosque where I help female immigrants/refugees from the Middle East/India become fluent in English so they can qualify for jobs (6h per week, 3 years). I designed lesson plans, worked with each individual to develop their fluency. Successfully taught English to 35 people!
Job: Attained a paid part-time job as the lab manager (11) by managing supplies at the lab, fixing machines

The rest:
- Founder and President of Science Club (11, 12): Conduct fun labs, help peers study for tests, brought USABO to my school
- President of Art Club (Facilitated monthly projects to stimulate creativity and artistic appreciation, united 20+ students. Some pieces featured at local art museum)
- Peer tutoring in science and math (9,10,12)
- Recreational badminton (9,10,11,12)
- Event coordinator with hospital organization where I raise funds for cancer research (15K so far)

Summer Activities:
- Scientific research (10, 11)
- Ran English language program at the mosque (10,11)
- Trained how to use robotic equipment for surgery in hospital program (10)
- Engineering program (9,10, 11)
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