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Chance me for Columbia?

Darkages11Darkages11 0 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
Demographics: White Male, Top private school NYC

Intended Major: STEM


3.85 UW including freshman, 3.95 not including freshman year( school doesn't offer AP's)
taking honors classes, but not high honors classes in freshman and sophomore year
1600 SAT
800 Chem
800 Math II
800 Physics
No class rank
Take extra classes whenever possible(Micro econ, after school python, SMART Team etc)

Head of CS Team
Head section editor for Tech magazine
Active member in robotics team(team has no captains), consistently make it to worlds
Teach robotics at underprivileged schools
Learning German
MIT Mites Program
Worked with a Columbia engineering professor for the summer
Teach underprivileged kids fencing
Fencing since 6th grade

Strong Recommendations
Essays are 9.5/10(Ofc I say that, but college consoler also said that I had extremely strong essays)
Son of Columbia Alum
2 replies
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Replies to: Chance me for Columbia?

  • skompella9892skompella9892 145 replies13 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    I would say you have a pretty good shot (>60%) because you have spectacular test scores, a good amount of academic rigor, strong extracurriculars, and ties to Columbia as a legacy. I can't say for sure as the information you provided is just your stats but I would be pretty confident on getting accepted if I were you. Are you applying next year? It makes no sense for you to post this if you were applying this year because admission decisions already came out but the fact that you have your recommendations and essays finished (or at least that's what it seems like) makes it seems like you were applying this year or something...
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  • MaybeIvy2020MaybeIvy2020 108 replies12 postsRegistered User Junior Member

    But with with OP provided he has a >50 chance, gl!
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