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Why did you choose Columbia ?

louisaurlouisaur 9 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
Other than the fact that it’s in NYC, why did you choose Columbia ? What makes it distinct from other colleges ?

If you could answer some of these questions, it would be great too hehe :)

1) How are the classes ? I heard it’s big on research so some professors really don’t give a ****. Do you get attention ? Are there a lot of **** professors ? How’s your experience so far with professors ? Good and bad

2) How easy is it to socialise there ? How are the people ? How passionate are the students about Columbia ? I’m afraid that because the population isn’t close knit, it will be harder to meet new people through methods excluding clubs and societies. I also heard that attending Columbia can be an isolating experience sometimes.

3) What is the sports scene like ? I like Ultimate Frisbee and hope to play a lot if I make it to Columbia. I have interests in other sports too. If you have answers specific to UFrisbee, that’ll be great too :)

4) If I’m not mistaken, you have to take a train to Bakers Field (?) which is the sports area for Columbia (?) Do a lot of students go there or is it mostly empty most of the time. Are the facilities well maintained ?

5) Does it get overwhelming in NYC ? Are there areas where you can have some time to yourself ? What do you do to get away from the NYC rush ?

6) Do you see students visibly practicing their interests ? Where do you see the population most of the time ? Can you see a vibrant student community ?

7) Does Columbia have anything that causes petty competition among the student population? It lowkey is kinda fun hehe. For example, competition between each residential college in HYP, dining halls in Stanford I think and so on.

8) Anything else that you think may be crucial in identifying Columbia’s personality !

That’s all the questions I have for now . I’m an international who may apply for ED so I really want to get to know the school before I do apply. I won’t have the opportunity to visit the campus due to finances and time so forgive me for questions that may seem easy to self answer hehe.I’m
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