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Questbridge/ED Chances

AxvbbiAxvbbi 4 replies2 threads New Member
I'm sure people are sick and tired of these sorts of threads but I am applying to Columbia via QB Match and if I do not match I am considering ED'ing to Columbia so I wanna see what people think about my application.

Demographics: First-gen American of African descent living in the Upper Midwest
Business Management
Economics-Political Science

ACT Highest Sitting:
33 (32 English, 30 Math, 36 Reading, 30 Science, 8/12 Essay)

34 (35 English, 30 Math, 36 Reading, 33 Science)

AP Exams
5- Human Geography
4- US History
3- Biology (yikes)
Self-studied for all of these as my school does not offer AP Classes

3.91 UW

(9th Grade) Foreign Language, Art, Biology, Coding, Culinary, English, Geometry, Health and Nutrition, Human Geography, Public Speaking, Theology I, Theological Sciences I
(10th Grade) Algebra II, Foreign Language, Art, Chemistry, English, US History, Science Fair, Theology II, Theological Sciences II

Dual Enrollment
(11th Grade) Calc 1, Calc II, Sociology, Psychology, Macroeconomics, College Writing, Public Speaking
(Current) Calc III, Spanish I, English Lit

Work Experience
(9th Grade to the beginning of 12th Grade): Standard food service job to make ends meet
(12th Grade): Interning 20 hours/week at a Fortune 500 Company

Extra-Curricular Activities

(10th Grade-Current): I founded an initiative to educate female orphans in the country of my parents, currently funding two young girls with the hope to expand while in college; plans to make a full-fledged organization after graduation.
(10th Grade-Current): Member of NHS; currently the president of my school's chapter. Raised $2000+ dollars on personal service projects
(10th Grade): Student Council VP; Worked with other school organizations to raise $10,000+ for refugees
(9th Grade): Math tutor for middle school students
(9th-10th Grade): Soccer and football coach for younger kids
(12th Grade) Played intramural soccer at my dual enrollment institution

(9th-10th Grade) Honor roll at my High School
(11th Grade) Dean's List at University
(9th Grade) Top 10% regional science fair; Nominated for state
(10th Grade) Attended regional science fair
(10th Grade) Best NHS group project award

Wrote my first Questbridge essay about learning English with my mom and how I apply the lessons I learned in Kindergarten now

The second essay was about the inequality I saw when I visited my parents' country and how that lead to me wanting to give back

My supplements are about how I met a Columbia alum who was not able to give me a straight answer about why she loved Columbia, and that I value Columbia because it is an institution that makes answering a seemingly simple question complicated. Second supp was about how helping my dad with his small business fostered a love of business management and economics.

I got recommendations from my college writing professor, my Calc I/Il professor, and my school counselor. My college writing professor wrote a short but sweet recommendation about how I was able to get the highest grade in his class despite me being in high school and online. I did not see the one written by my Calc I&Il teacher but she knew me a lot better and asked for my EC involvement so I expect it’s more detailed. My counselor taught me in 6th and 7th grade and worked with me as my NHS advisor so she knows me the best, but she is also very busy, so idk how good her recs are.

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Replies to: Questbridge/ED Chances

  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 29670 replies58 threads Senior Member
    What is your FAFSA EFC?

    You stand a bit of a better chance than the average Columbia ED applicant, due to being a QB Finalist, URM, geographics.

    Hesitation due to Lower AP exam scores. Columbia is a rigorous school with a core curriculum that forces all undergrads to step in time to tough courses.
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  • AxvbbiAxvbbi 4 replies2 threads New Member
    My FAFSA EFC is $650 but my Columbia EFC will likely be 0. My AP exams are worrying, especially Bio as it is a 3. Maybe they won't weigh it as much considering I did take it in ninth grade and I do have a lot of dual enrollment classes that I have all A's in.
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 29670 replies58 threads Senior Member
    QB matches tend to have zero FAFSA EFCs.

    Other concern is what are you doing senior year on academic front? Again, Columbia U is very rigorous academically. I’d hesitate to accept someone not taking challenging academics this year. For this college, it’s important
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  • AxvbbiAxvbbi 4 replies2 threads New Member
    This semester I am taking Eng Lit Spanish I and Calc III and some theology courses required by my high school. Next semester's courses are not finalized but I am looking at Physics, Stats, Political Science, and one more course.
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  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 5961 replies10 threads Senior Member
    I think you have a good shot. I wouldn't worry about the AP exams, especially because your school doesn't offer the classes.

    You seem to have gone after all you could, and that is really important.

    Fingers crossed for you. And I suspect you will make the most of whatever opportunity you end up with, whether it's Columbia or someplace else. Good luck!
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  • AxvbbiAxvbbi 4 replies2 threads New Member
    Thanks! I also hope I get in, but going to an Ivy just gives you a leg up. It is not an indicator of long-term career success. I would not be too fussed if I did not get in.
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