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Chance me for Columbia (Transfer)

nbsoftwarenbsoftware 9 replies4 threads New Member
Basically the title. Here are my stats:

Current College: Large US Public University (~Top 25 for public)
Applying as: Freshman -> Sophomore
Major: Neuroscience/Computer Science (intended)
High School GPA: 3.83 (homeschool)
ACT Score: 35C (35R, 35M, 35W, 33S)
College GPA: 3.8-4.0 (depending on final grade for English--everything else should be A/A+)
Hooks: none.
Applied Before: n/a
Demographics: 19M, White, ~120K parents income
- Wrote an app for a church (from ground up)
- Wrote an app for a DC-based farm product delivery startup
- Worked in two labs in linguistics for a month
- Peer mentor for a CS inclusion & diversity program
- Language Flagship Program
- Member of barbell club
- Play in church orchestra and manage the screen every week

- Definitely joining another lab in computational biology in the spring
- (hopefully) appointed to student government legislature in the spring
- (hopefully) joining an organized research program in the spring

Recommendations: Haven't asked anyone yet, but all my professors like me.

Essays: I haven't written them, but I think I can polish them before the deadline.

What do my chances look like? Does anyone who has transferred have advice?
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Replies to: Chance me for Columbia (Transfer)

  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 5854 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Why do you want to transfer?

    The two issues I see are: (i) Transferring to Columbia is tough for anyone; and (ii) It is not obvious why you would want to do it. I am also concerned that if you put too much thought into trying to transfer out it might make it more difficult to fit in and do well and find good opportunities where you are.

    With this I would put it as a reach, but not necessarily impossible. If you actually have a good reason to transfer then it is worth applying, but do not count on getting accepted.

    Are you currently at UMD? I am guessing based on your thread about dorms there. Are you in-state wherever you are?
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  • nbsoftwarenbsoftware 9 replies4 threads New Member
    My primary reason for transfer is the lack of intellectual curiosity of my fellow students. I hoped to be challenged here, but most of the people I've met here don't care about learning for its own sake, and don't push themselves. Don't get me wrong--I do have friends; only I wish I could find friends who are academically engaged (and upwardly mobile).
    In addition to that, Columbia has an excellent department in the (almost niche) language I'm interested in.
    Columbia has a long track record of excellence in neuroscience. The school I'm at now is only getting a neuroscience major next fall, and none of the faculty do research in the particular field I'm interested in.
    Furthermore, the administration is an awful headache to work with--they've screwed me over academically quite a few times (not letting me take classes, or dropping me from a section b/c low enrollment and not offering a replacement, etc).

    Yes, it is UMD and I am instate.
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 7041 replies65 threads Senior Member
    1. There is a difference between being "screwed over" and not having things go your way / being unlucky. It is important to recognize the difference.

    2. Ime, almost every uni admin is a pain to deal with- and not just in the US. Not a reason to change

    3. There is no such thing as T25 university that does not have students who are intellectually curious and "upwardly mobile" (ugh, btw). Not having found them yet is a slim reed to hang your argument on.

    4. Are there financial implications?

    5. Have you done the homework to see how meeting the Core requirements will affect your courses over the next 3 years IF you got in?

    6. Truth: are you are UMd b/c it was your first choice or b/c it was the best of what you got into after the schools you preferred turned you down?

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  • nbsoftwarenbsoftware 9 replies4 threads New Member
    1,2. To me, it seemed excessive. Also, they have gained some ill repute from events that transpired in the last year (i.e. adenovirus outbreak (1 student died), a football player died, the university's accreditation is currently under review, etc).
    3. By "upwardly mobile," I don't mean cutthroat. I intended that to mean "having an idea about *why* you're going to college" and "having a desire to make the most of the opportunities you're presented with".
    4. Probably not. I'm likely to receive more aid than UMD gives me.
    5. No, but I don't think it will be too much of a hassle.
    6. UMD was not my first choice; it was the best of what I got into.
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