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Question: Since it's this late, is it even worth contacting admissions regarding my waitlist offer?

whelay9462whelay9462 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hey, guys, I just joined this thread because I'm currently agonizing over my college decision. I applied to Columbia through the QuestBridge regular decision program and was waitlisted. However, amidst to the chaos and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the transition to virtual learning, and my mom losing her job, the prospect of even considering Columbia as a serious college option was dismal, so I never responded to the waitlist offer. I realize now that the April 23rd and May 1st deadlines for the supplemental interest letter and waitlist decision form, respectively, have come and gone, so I completely understand if it isn't possible to accept a spot now, but I am still very interested in Columbia. I have a couple of questions, but the main one for you guys is whether it is even worth contacting Columbia about my situation to see whether I could accept my spot on the waitlist. I normally wouldn't even consider contacting after the deadline, but the combination of the unprecedented global circumstances and the fact that they accept off the waitlist until June 30th (ish?? not sure) and don't rank waitlisted applicants made me wonder if it may be worth a shot. Thoughts?

Additionally, if you accept your spot on the waitlist and get an offer to attend, is it binding? Financials were the deciding factor in committing to the university I did, so if accepting a spot on the waitlist without first being able to see the financial aid package is a binding decision, that sadly won't be an option for my family.

Please let me know what you guys think! I obviously won't get my hopes up at even still being allowed to accept a spot on the waitlist, but it's such a huge opportunity that I felt like I'd regret if I didn't even try to explore the option.
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Replies to: Question: Since it's this late, is it even worth contacting admissions regarding my waitlist offer?

  • MorningsiderMorningsider 108 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Lots of deadlines are being waived this year. Suggest you email the admissions office expressing interest despite missing the response deadline. Don't go overboard apologizing. Just say something like, "I'd like to be considered for admission from the waitlist if it's still possible."

    Don't mention your need to know the financial aid award before accepting. If you get accepted but can't afford to attend, you just renege. There's no punishment for doing this. People renege on admissions acceptances for all sorts of reasons. You just lose your deposit. (I tried looking up info on deposits, but the website page is blank.)
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