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[To be updated] Chance me Columbia ED 2025

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Turning senior in Sept help chance me!! thx

SAT I (breakdown): 1520 (720+800)
(Registered for Aug & Sept, but don't know whether they'll be cancelled or not lol)

ACT (breakdown): did not take

SAT II: Registered for Oct to take Math II & USH!!!

GPA: Our school did not tell us yet
but I think it will look pretty good, top 5 out of 90 maybe

AP (place score in parenthesis): did not take

IB (place score in parenthesis):
(Typical scores for mid-terms & finals)
HL: Math (7) Phy (7) Econ (7)
SL: Chin Lit A (7) Eng B (6-7) His(6-7)
For EE & CAS maybe I'll get a 2 out of 3
So overall expecting 42+/45
anyways I'm doing Oxbridge as well which normally requires a 42 :(

I understand that Chinese and natives do totally different competitions and stuff...
but anyways I''ll just write them here

National Economics Challenge China (NEC):
-National Top Scoring Challenger Top 15
-A member of National Second Top Scoring Team

[email protected] High School Investment Competition
- Regional 1 Finalist
- China Top 12 Team

International Economics Olympics (IEO)
- National Silver Medal Winner in Preliminary
(China Final in Aug but not expecting to enter global final though)

Australian Mathematics Competition
- Senior Distinction
should I even include this one?? but I really have no other math awards


Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):

School Debate Club (Club Leader)
-Some awards for domestic tournaments
-Held lectures and stuff in club
-Organised two local debate tournaments during the pandemic

Social Media Account for Popularizing Art & Design
- Set up an account on one of the most popular social media platform used by the younger generation China, RED
- Popularize art history, design and fashion
- New posts on a daily basis
- Accumulated 1200+ followers and 20,000+ likes in two months (to be updated)

Oral history program on COVID-19 pandemic (Co-founder)
- Paired up with a classmate and write our diaries during the pandemic (I live in Wuhan);
- Interviewed different people, e.g. a doctor who participated in fighting COVID-19, a recovered COVID-19 patient, Wuhan students studying abroad, etc., recording their experiences and thoughts about the pandemic
(looking forward to be published or archived in national gallery; to be updated)

Job/Work Experience:

Internship for an art social media in China
-translating texts of broadcast in Eng to Chin or other way around)
(2b honest main work haven't started yet; to be updated)

Volunteer/Community service:

Volunteer at hospital for 4 yrs
-help children with leukemia
-set up a music lesson for them

Summer Activities:

Summer school at Pathway, Uchicago
-Starting soon

Eureka Research Program
- Paired up with a prof from Carnegie Mellon University
- Completed a research paper on behavioral economics but did not publish

Essays: I've only got a fine draft of CA personal essay
its about developing my open-mindedness through appreciating art

Applied for Financial Aid?: idk for sure cuz it affects the results
Intended Major: Art His & Econ
Country (if international applicant): China
School Type: domestic international school
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: F

I know that's a long shot for a Chinese student
last year only one mainland Chinese got in in ED round
but anyways 1) I don't wanna regret it 2) I'm applying for UK & Can as well
so I just wanna have a try :)
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