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Are Columbia Students Really That Selfish/Arrogant/Ungenerous??

lhd555lhd555 - Posts: 35 New Member
edited July 2010 in Columbia University
So reading many of the posts on the Columbia forum makes me feel that Columbia students are kinda selfish and ungenerous. The most obvious example is the Barnard thread (http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/columbia-university/168550-barnard-45.html). I mean these students go out of their way to simply insult and degrade Barnard students (and please don't start an argument about it on this thread). But I mean, don't many Columbia students take classes at Barnard? And don't some students research at Barnard? I feel like this is simply just reinforcing the stereotype that East Coast students are arrogant and selfish. This seems a great turn off to prospected students. I thought College Confidential was a place to help others, not bash others and make your school look like a college full of selfish and unfriendly people.
This thread also makes Columbia students seem rude (http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/columbia-university/950005-columbia-i-banking-3.html). I mean rather than say: "that's not true" people add adjectives to emphasize others mistake and put them down (adjectives like: "completely" or "utterly"). Really people? The post makes Columbian seem greedy and arrogant.
http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/columbia-university/30154-columbia-college-vs-school-general-studies-2.html (also shows the problem with somebody commenting on it):
Wow--the arrogance among some Ivy League students is incredibly annoying.

My question is: Are Columbian really this arrogant/selfish/rude? Do they always end up bashing others in arguments and try to find ways to make others feel totally subordinate?

Cause this is seems like a real turn off for prospective students and a horrible representation of the school (unless the school of course is like this).
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Replies to: Are Columbia Students Really That Selfish/Arrogant/Ungenerous??

  • leapinglizardsleapinglizards Registered User Posts: 103 Junior Member
    ^you, on the other hand, seem like an extremely kind person who would never stereotype an entire group of thousands of very different people based on the posts of one or two people who happen to have a small stick up their as$es
  • lhd555lhd555 - Posts: 35 New Member
    It's not one or two people but many, more like many. And for those prospective students reading this thread, it pretty much can take a few people posting negative comments to make them turn away from Columbia, especially if those threads are the long ones.
  • kwukwu Registered User Posts: 4,759 Senior Member
    Columbia is an Ivy League school in New York City.

    Application numbers aren't going to drop any time soon.
  • lhd555lhd555 - Posts: 35 New Member
    Columbia is an Ivy League school in New York City.

    Application numbers aren't going to drop any time soon.
    I know that, especially because Columbia just moved to Common App, which is part college application, part marketing tool. The application number is almost for sure going to go up because kids will simply just select to send their application to Columbia and write another essay. Common App is really a good marketing tool along with being a college app: one application for many school --> easier for students to apply to many schools --> students select more school to send application to --> application to a school increase --> school gets more application fee = more money for school.

    But the real question is, are the students who actually some time to understand the school going to be a little reserved about Columbia?
  • hamdealerhamdealer Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    i don't really understand the point of this post, unless you are just posting flame.

    i think it's pretty obvious that a few anonymous posts on a message board is not representative of a school of thousands. it would be naive to go to any college expecting there to be no ******bags and a few rotten eggs. as far as elite institutions go, columbia's vibe is far more chill than comparable schools.
  • conorskeconorske User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 222 Junior Member
    I would say that for the most part, the students who comment on CC are a self-selecting group.
  • witchry1423witchry1423 Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    Obviously, Columbia's not the place for you.

    If you like vanilla, I'm sure there's plenty of that out there for you. The thing is, Columbian students may seem to give little concern for your feelings, only because we are in NEW YORK CITY and this is just how people are in the big apple. If you get to know us, live here and take bloody classes, maybe you'll have slightly more standing on the petty argument you're putting down here.

    I'm sure nobody will be moaning their losses if you don't apply.
  • gedion9324gedion9324 Registered User Posts: 209 Junior Member
    You don't like Ivy League schools. So don't apply and let's all move on with our lives.
  • pbrpbr Registered User Posts: 1,018 Senior Member
    My younger son, who spent a grand total of two weeks of his life on the East Coast before entering Columbia last year, has made countless friends at Columbia. The students comprise a very diverse lot. Sure, there are tools, but there are tools everywhere. You can build relationships at Columbia, and avoid those who rub you the wrong way.

    Remember, on an anonymous forum like this, anybody can claim to be a Columbia student. Given some of the Machiavellian **** I've seen, you should not assume that a poster is who he or she claims to be.
  • glidoglido Registered User Posts: 5,750 Senior Member
    Okay - there are a lot of nice people at Columbia, but if you even want to apply to ANY school in NYC, you better toughen up -- the BIG APPLE ain't L.A.
  • ilovebagelsilovebagels Registered User Posts: 3,499 Senior Member
    I don't think Columbia students are any worse in this regard than students from the other 7 Ivy League schools--all of which have a ton of thundering a-holes as well as a ton of really nice, cool people...
  • mardadmardad Registered User Posts: 1,120 Senior Member
    There is a selection bias. To site an example, people with Diabetes don't go to the Orthopaedic Surgeon for diabetic related care unless they need a foot amputated. Surgeons tend to develop the prejudice that all Diabetic patients end up with a foot amputation, when in fact it is only about 5%. It's just that the other 95% don't come in to show the surgeon that their foot is OK. In like fashion there are only a few **** who feel the need to abuse other people or schools on CC. The other 12,000 students at Columbi are not going to post just to let you know they are nice people. You have to trust those of us who have been there. Columbia students are nice normal (but very bright) people.
  • ConfucianNemisisConfucianNemisis Registered User Posts: 285 Junior Member
    On the one hand, the people who post here are, as mentioned above, self-selecting. We're opinionated and like sharing our opinions. This sometimes results in nasty conflicts.

    Further, the barnard thread is a poor example to take the pulse of columbia students by. The question of barnard's identity and status relative to columbia is ambiguous and often brings out the worst in the handful of people who take it way too seriously (including myself from time to time.)

    That being said, Columbia students are probably a little different from your typical college student thanks in no small part to being in New York, and the far-reaching effects that has. You might find the first paragraph of this post to be interesting (it's in the context of a columbia-princeton comparison thread): http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/2940276-post5.html
  • making_a_pointmaking_a_point Registered User Posts: 194 Junior Member
    Columbia is full of drug dealers. Ever walk down the street of Bogota. It is scary as hell. Columbian don't speak English and worst of all they speak a funny dialact of Spanish that no one can understand. I think I am pretty safe where I am now, Pennsylvania.
  • notsproneynotsproney Registered User Posts: 58 Junior Member
    Colombia you mean
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