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Should I play baseball at Brown or Columbia?

georgeRHPgeorgeRHP 13 replies5 threads New Member
edited September 2010 in Columbia University
I am a junior in high school. I am being recruited to play baseball at Brown and Columbia. Anyone out there play varsity sports at either school? How about a little advice.
edited September 2010
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Replies to: Should I play baseball at Brown or Columbia?

  • schmivyschmivy 486 replies63 threads Member
    I think the Columbia team tends to be better, but what you should really think about in this case, honestly, isn't the sport. It's the academics. Brown and Columbia are sort of polar opposites within the Ivy League. Want the structure and liberal arts that the Core provides? Go with Columbia. Want more academic freedom - designing your own major, pass/failing college, etc.? Go with Brown.
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  • georgeRHPgeorgeRHP 13 replies5 threads New Member
    I really don't care who is better in baseball. It is the whole college experience from a varsity player's point of view I am interested in. I know about the core vs. open. Stuff like that I can read about on line. I'd like practical advice. For example, I heard you have to take a 20 to 30 minute bus ride every day to the fields at Columbia. Does that become a real pain after a while? Stuff like that. Real advice from players past and present, or people who know them. Thanks.
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  • AvidStudentAvidStudent 1155 replies31 threads Senior Member
    I'd go to Brown's and Columbia's baseball roster and add some of your potential teammates on facebook so you can get multiple perspectives from both schools.
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  • Laf1980Laf1980 54 replies4 threads Junior Member
    If you are into a little history - Columbia at one time had a pretty good baseball player who later went on to have quite a successful career in the major leagues. Perhaps you have heard of him. His name was Lou Gehrig. By the way, both he and his mother worked for a local fraternity while he was at Columbia - she as a cook, and he as a waiter. Needless to say that didn't work out for very long. Much to his mother's chagrin, he never graduated from Columbia.
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  • wifey99999999wifey99999999 344 replies37 threads Member
    baseball... ?

    Columbia of course. Brown's athletics programs are at the bottom of Ivy League.
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  • pbrpbr 1004 replies14 threads Senior Member
    george, sorry you aren't getting more help regarding day-to-day life as an athlete at Columbia. All I can add is that my younger son, an athlete for a relatively intense club team at Columbia, enjoys the comradery entailed by the ride up to Baker Field and back for practices and games. His club team travels to exotic locales, and some of his best friends are on the team. He loves his experience as a club athlete. I suspect the baseball experience is even more so.

    I might add that one of my son's friends, a swimmer, chose to attend Columbia this fall even though the coach did not offer him a likely letter (although Brown did). He likes the team at Columbia. Getting to know your potential future teammates at Columbia and Brown will help.
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  • georgeRHPgeorgeRHP 13 replies5 threads New Member
    thanks a lot for that post. i think my official visits will really help me choose. i may just click with one set of players over another. thanks to everyone for the advice.
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