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Chances- should I bother applying ED to Columba?

soccerdude15soccerdude15 25 replies54 postsRegistered User Junior Member
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I'm planning to apply to Columbia, and it would be awesome if people let me know where I'm at by chancing me and if I have a legitimate chance if I apply ED.

white, Jewish male, fluent in Russian as parents are immigrants from Russia. first generation college student. I'm planning on being a history major with possibly psych double major later on.

GPA:~3.75/4 (this is an estimation because my school runs out of 4.6 so its actually a 4.53/4.6 weighted)
SAT:2110 M+CR: 1380 total CR: 730 M: 650 W: 730
SAT II: History: 670 Lit: 650 (if I actually study I definitely should improve, especially in history) -also, how much does Columbia factor in SAT II's into their admission decisions?
Courses: Mostly honors and AP courses

High School Soccer, JV 2 years, Varsity 2 years
Travel Soccer, 4 years
Job training 8 year old girls in soccer 2 years
Hospital Volunteer 2 years 50 hours
Home health care aid volunteer 110 hours
Shadowed doctor
Volunteer at synagogue 100 hours
Cancer Awareness Club 3 years (board member 1 year)
Junior State of America 3 years
NSLC leadership enrichment program
Volunteer Club 2 years
National Honor Society
Russian Honor Society
Gold medal in Russian Speaking Olympiad

Thank you for any responses, they will be greatly appreciated!!
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Replies to: Chances- should I bother applying ED to Columba?

  • soccerdude15soccerdude15 25 replies54 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    I am top 3% in my class.
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  • StarsAlignedStarsAligned 435 replies29 postsRegistered User Member
    Very slim chances, unfortunately ...
    GPA, SAT, SAT II's sub-par; volunteer work is decent.
    The only thing that really stands out is Russian Speaking Olympiad ... but you are Russian so ..

    Anyway, there's no way you can get in without applying. But think about using the ED benefit more wisely on another school.
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  • Fastfood15Fastfood15 591 replies53 postsRegistered User Member
    Where are you from? If you are from a big city on one of the coasts then you have very slim chances. If you are from some geographically interesting place, then you have higher chances. But it is always a crapshoot for even the most "qualified" applicants.

    You should definitely apply.
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  • ElectronicaElectronica 138 replies22 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    High rank negates the low GPA completely.

    Scores are lacking, as you obviously know.

    ED would give you the best shot at admission, so do it if its your first choice and you're willing to give up the chance to apply ED somewhere else.
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