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Chance a normal kid

DosEquisxxDosEquisxx 42 replies19 threads Junior Member
edited September 2010 in Columbia University
Senior (Asian Male)
California Public High School

Sophomore Year Classes (1st and 2nd Semester)
AP Euro - A / A
H Chem - B / B
H Alg 2/Trig - C / B
H English - A / A
Spanish 2 - B / A

Junior Year Classes (1st and 2nd Semester)
H Anatomy - A / A
Pre-Calc - A / A
AP Lang - A / A
Spanish 3 - A / A

GPA = 4.3 (Weighted) 3.7 (Unweighted)
Rank = Top 5% (46 out of 789)

SAT I - 2200
ACT - 33

SAT II Lit - 750
SAT II World History - 800
SAT II Chemistry - 570
SAT II US History - 800
SAT II Math - 710
SAT II Biology - 750

AP Human Geography - 5
AP Euro - 5
AP Chemistry - 1
AP Lang - 4
AP Lit - 4
AP Environmental Science - 5
AP Psychology - 5
AP US History - 5
AP Bio - 4
AP Govt. - 5
AP Macro - 5
AP Micro - 5
AP World - 5

DECA *Club President*
Spanish Honor Society
National Honor Society
California Scholarship Federation
Varsity Tennis
Henry Mayo Hospital Volunteer
Feed the Children Volunteer
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
(200+ hours of community service)
Job at Albertsons (Possible job at Insurance company this year)

National AP Scholar
VIA Star Business Competition Winner
Numerous Awards from District and State DECA conferences (Business Competitions)

Senior Year Classes
AP Art History
AP Physics
AP Calc B/C
AP Spanish
AP Lit
Honors Economics / AP Gov (one class)
edited September 2010
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Replies to: Chance a normal kid

  • DosEquisxxDosEquisxx 42 replies19 threads Junior Member
    Also, should I retake my SAT I? The 2200 was my first try
    and note that I have one C and four B's
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  • DosEquisxxDosEquisxx 42 replies19 threads Junior Member
    NOTE: Applying ED
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  • StarsAlignedStarsAligned 435 replies29 threads Member
    GPA isn't too great, testing is pretty mixed good/poor. Those chem scores look painful.
    But I do like your awards!

    Well, it's always worth a shot. :)
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  • DosEquisxxDosEquisxx 42 replies19 threads Junior Member

    I don't need to report those, thats the only "poor" test I have.

    and yea, Im not expecting anything, just taking a shot eh?
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  • galaxynebulla2galaxynebulla2 132 replies22 threads Junior Member
    Don't give up. Even if your test scores aren't so hot, most schools especially ivy leagues don't want cookie cutter robotic students. So if you are very unique and display that in your essay, as well as your personality really well, then I think you might have a fair chance. Look at all the A+ perfect grades and SAT scores the ivies get and look at how many they turn down. All those valedictorians, top ten, etc. The ones that got chosen were the ones that set themselves apart and that is mostly in their essay and recommendations. They need a personality to go with all those statistics.
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  • StarsAlignedStarsAligned 435 replies29 threads Member
    ^ Second the above.

    & sorry to burst your bubble, but Columbia requires all SAT and SAT subject tests to be reported, including the Chem.
    Students must submit all SAT Subject Test scores from all test dates.
    Required Standardized Testing | Columbia University Office of Undergraduate Admissions
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  • confidentialcollconfidentialcoll 2480 replies11 threads Senior Member
    take it from a guy who is pretty conservative about stats: your test scores are fine.

    2200 and 33 is bang in the middle of the accepted class range, so you are the average acceptee by that measure. 3.7 uw is decent, slightly below par given that your school is not super competitive, but this will not exclude an otherwise good applicant. your SAT2s are actually quite impressive, so while columbia looks at all SAT2, they only count your best 2 which would be 800,800 in us and world history (that is actually quite impressive). 750 lit and bio is also pretty good.

    Your profile makes you a seem a little cookie cutter, but with good essays and good recs / a good interview I can definitely see you getting in.
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  • student982student982 24 replies7 threads Junior Member
    lmaooo at ap chem score hahaha

    you got a shot, write some awesome essays
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  • mmmcdowemmmcdowe 2321 replies32 threads Senior Member
    Lol at "normal kid".
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