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question about the honors section

TabasomTabasom 0 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
So, I was filling out the "honor" section of the common app, but I had a problem and don't know the best way in which I can list my 3 awards.
3 years ago, I won 3 gold medals. 2 swimming gold medals (provincial championship) and another gold medal in a volleyball champion ship (between schools in my city).
I was planning on listing them like this:
1st Place, Provincial Championship in Guilan, 50m Butterfly
1st Place, Provincial Championship in Guilan, 100m Backstroke
1st Place, Volleyball Championship in Rasht
* Should I even list the volleyball championship? it was very meaningful to me and I was even asked to play in our regional team (I didn't do it since I wanted to focus on swimming only).
Is the way I'm listing these awards sounds bad to native speakers? How should I write about them?
I'd be grateful if you guys could help me!
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