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Non-core Professor, Assistant Principal--Teacher or Other in Common App?

matricessuckmatricessuck 12 replies4 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
I attended the Tennessee Governor's School for Prospective Teachers at UT Chattanooga this summer. During the program, I took EDUC 2010 Education In The United States. My wonderful professor agreed to write me a letter of recommendation since I intend to go into the education field. But I'm not sure whether I should assign her as a Teacher or an Other. The class wasn't exactly non-academic -- we wrote papers and did projects. But she's not a core teacher either. Where do y'all think I should assign her? (s/n some colleges on my list vaguely require recs from "academic teachers", like Haverford, and others are very specific, like Princeton which says Jr/Sr year upper-level teachers Only.)

I have a similar question regarding one of my Assistant Principals. I have not had her as a teacher, but she can attest to my academic ability and my ability to balance many different things. Every project I've done for my school has had to go through her, so we are very well acquainted and speak at least three times a week. When I ask her for a recommendation, should I assign her as Teacher or Other?

Common App doesn't have either situation listed in what constitutes an acceptable Teacher or an acceptable Other. They only have a few possibilities listed for Other and no guidance on college-specific requirements for teachers.
Thank you!
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