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Are you attaching a resume? And some other Common App Questions

Anonymous?Anonymous? Registered User Posts: 398 Member
edited September 2009 in Common Application
I have been planning on attaching one, but I've recently heard from a couple of people that it might be a bad idea. What do you think? The common app only allows you to list 7 activities and there is VERY little space to elaborate. I feel that my typed up resume is much more impressive.

If I do attach a resume, I know I still need to fill out the section on the common app. Should I fill all 7 spaces with activities, or just list maybe 3 or something. Should I list the activities I state on the common app on my resume again, if I need to elaborate?

Also, there isn't much room in the work space place. I have worked some jobs on and off. For example, last summer I worked May-June at one place... took the month of July off from that job to have a temporary job at a place where I interned... and resumed at the job I started in May in August until the place shut down for the summer in September... (I know, confusing)

So, on a resume I would just put something like
JOB ONE 5/09-6/09, 8/09-9/09
JOB TWO 7/09

I can't do that on the common app. It's such a frustrating document, ha. Also, there are many activities where the hrs/week is not constant. I have some activities where I might do 20 hours a week and then 1 hour a week for a month, and then do two 10 hour days one weekend... the common app doesn't allow me to express this well.

Any ideas of how to work all of this out?
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Replies to: Are you attaching a resume? And some other Common App Questions

  • Anonymous?Anonymous? Registered User Posts: 398 Member
    Anyone? I can't be the only one frustrated with the common app...

    I'd really appreciate some suggestions! :)
  • Anonymous?Anonymous? Registered User Posts: 398 Member
    Okay, I'll shorten the question if no one has any specific input, ha.

    How many of you plan to attach resumes? If not, why not? And do you think it is a bad idea?
  • idk11idk11 - Posts: 290 Junior Member
    Instead of attaching a resume, I am just attaching an additional information document. It just details certain activities and my work experience.
  • mose2014mose2014 Registered User Posts: 114 Junior Member
    It's fine to attach a resume. On the activities portion it says they'd like you to list your activities even if you plan to attach a resume, meaning it's perfectly fine.
  • Anonymous?Anonymous? Registered User Posts: 398 Member
    Okay thanks.... idk11- I would just type it into the box like I am assuming you are doing... but my resume is longer than 2000 characters, so I will just upload my resume in the "additional info" section.

    Also, does anyone have any idea how long is too long? Or if there are activities we should omit. Like, should we omit one time community service things--like an 8 hour one day thing or something? I don't want to look desperate like I'm including every little thing.
  • rocket6louiserocket6louise Registered User Posts: 3,391 Senior Member
    i won't be attaching a resume. I feel its unnecessary
  • idk11idk11 - Posts: 290 Junior Member

    I am just attaching a document. It's not formatted at all like a resume, but it basically has the same purpose. I felt that trying to fit all of my additional information in that text box would end up appearing convoluted since there's little text formatting on the Common App. This way, I could choose modest font styles and just attach it as a separate document.
  • evertheoptimistevertheoptimist Registered User Posts: 543 Member
    I would avoid mentioning one time service projects.
  • amaster008amaster008 Registered User Posts: 278 Junior Member
    I would not attach a resume. I've heard it comes across as very ... arrogant? You aren't applying for a job or anything, you are trying to get into college. It isn't necessary! (That's my opinion just to add to the mix)

    I would just attach it under an additional information page that you could create and then attach it to the application. I have to agree with you completely though that the extracurricular portion of the common application sucks. it isn't very good, so I wish you the best of luck. For your whole dilemma of "I spend a crap load of time here and none here" you could always just kinda average the times. That's what I had to do.

    Good Luck!
  • plinz345plinz345 Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    A resume is a one-page typed document that has your name on it, address, email, telephone number, states your gpa, the high school you attend, your objective, your activities inside and outside of school, your awards/achievements, your hobbies and/or your references. What you want to attach is a document that has your name on it and JUST the activities/jobs you did/are continuing doing. It is to elaborate on your activities and I think if you don't attach a document that elaborates on your activities than the college admissions officers will not get enough information about you. It is wise to attach an activity sheet but it is VERY unwise if you elaborate on unimportant activities such as writing a 150 word description of a one-day volunteering gig.

    I know a girl from my school who applied and was accepted to Johns Hopkins,. She attached a 3 page volunteer sheet, in which she stated ALLLLLLL volunteering gigs she had, whether they were one day at a soup kitchen or one day volunteering event at a city marathon. She was all over the place, from soup kitchen to animal shelters to women's battered shelters to the local gym that offered days for children to learn about fitness and health. This is unnecessary. Imagine reading 200 essays in a morning and going over 200 applications of pretentious high schoolers who feel important enough to attach a 2-page resume and then having to read a pretentious 3-page volunteer activity sheet. We get it. They get it...you volunteer.

    I recommend this (This is how I'm doing it)
    For ex: if you state on your application "Korean Youth Group Involvement" You state you were an active member (06-07), Appointed Treasurer (07-08) and then two Time Appointed President (08-present) and state on the actual application "As President, I have devoted time to coordinate fund raising events and organizing a church-wide led seminars about my Korean culture" but in the actual attached sheet, you would repeat "Korean Youth Group Involvement" and the positions you attained and in what years. You wouldn't restate "As President, I have devoted time to coordinate..." but you would state something along the lines of, "In this year, I planned 2 events in the effort to () and under my leadership, the church/organization raised x dollars" You would then go into detail about what the events you organized and how many members were involved and DESCRIBE what awards you may have gotten, if any. Any description for a single activity on the attached sheet should be NO more than 80 words (CONCISE TO THE POINT AND AVOID ADJECTIVES but i think it would be wise to state something like "Utilizing my leadership position, I was able to gather up 50 active volunteers, welcoming over 500 guests and raising a total of x dollars" <-- its not too flowery, but it makes a direct claim that it was your leadership that made the event a success) AND MAKE SURE that if you are writing about research initiatives that you don't get too specific.

    I hope that helped!
  • WigwamWigwam Registered User Posts: 387 Member
    Nope, not attaching a resume. Schools don't recommend it, and I'll detail all necessary info in the Additional Information box (names of college classes, additional AP tests I'll take, etc.) My job is self-explanatory, as are my activities, so why bother? Unless you need to explain complicated things, I feel it's too much. Matter of opinion, I guess.

    Also, for your activities, just try to average out your hours. I work full-time summers and part-time school years, so I just averaged my hours per week at like 25 (30 is closer to what it probably averages out to, but I felt weird listing that). I did the same for activities.
  • Youdon'tsayYoudon'tsay Registered User Posts: 19,041 Senior Member
    Some schools do recommend it. UT, for one. At the info session, the adcom said that it really helps if you're using lots of acronymns. Check with each school.
  • StupefyStupefy Registered User Posts: 1,871 Senior Member
    there's hardly ANY space to write ANYTHING in the EC boxes.
    if you like, like myself, have a lot of extracurriculars and positions/awards in them, I'd recommend just attaching a document that lists them in better detail than is possible with those boxes
  • PBaileyPBailey Registered User Posts: 676 Member
    Attaching an Activity List as described by plinz345 and Hernandez.
  • syc652syc652 Registered User Posts: 214 Junior Member
    So....write all your activities in the activities section, and elaborate in the Additional Info?
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