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How does the FAFSA work for community colleges?

WestCoastPedantWestCoastPedant 1 replies2 threads New Member
This is a basic question for anyone who understands the FAFSA a bit more than I do, and I apologize if I've put this in the wrong forum.

My CC has sent me an e-mail explaining that they've accepted my FAFSA and that I can go and check on my award details. Currently, it says my cost of attendance is about $11,000. I don't understand why it's so high if it's a CC. Is there something I'm not getting here, or is $11,000 really the cost of a year's attendance at a public, community college?

Sorry if the question seems stupid, but I'm genuinely baffled and don't understand why that number is so high.
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Replies to: How does the FAFSA work for community colleges?

  • ALFALF 1205 replies32 threads Senior Member
    This doesn't sound like a FAFSA issue, as much as an issue with that particular college. Unless you are applying from out-of-state, that does indeed sound high, assuming that this is for one year and does not include room and board. In-state tuition where I live (Washington State) is slightly over $3K/yr and I think that is typical for most states. I'd check that email carefully to make sure that it is an annual amount and that it is for in-state tuition.

    There should also be a note somewhere stating how much aid you can receive, based on your FAFSA info.
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