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Surgery mid-semester-- don't know what to do

kjhh77kjhh77 0 replies1 threads New Member
I'm currently enrolled at a community college and taking 8 units for Fall 2014. I had to get an emergency back surgery mid-semester, causing me to miss the last 5 weeks of the semester, including the finals for both of my classes. I'm almost certain I will not pass both of the classes because I've missed quizzes, turning in assignments, and the finals. Is there anything I could do at a situation like this? The semester was over a week ago and I was not able to physically go to my professors to speak with them. I've called them and left messages while I was recovering but they never got back to me. I just don't know what to do because the semester is already over and there wasn't anything I could do on my end for the last 5 weeks. Do I just take my grades and move on and retake them later? Could I somehow speak to the Dean and work something out? Please help!
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Replies to: Surgery mid-semester-- don't know what to do

  • blprofblprof 771 replies13 threads Member
    It is probably too late to do much of anything. I know you were recovering from surgery, but you should not have just left messages. Things like this are too important, and the burden is on you to ensure that your professors know what is going on. It's not clear if you tried emailing them (many professors do not use voicemail much anymore), but if you tried contacting them and did not hear anything, you should have contacted the Chair of the departments for which your professors teach. At this point you may be able to do a medical withdrawal from the college; you will need to check with the registrar to see if there is still time. You could try to follow up with some of your teachers and ask for an incomplete, but I think the chances of any of them going along with that are slim. Taking a medical withdrawal will allow you to get "W's" on your transcript rather than F's, which is what you are likely to get right now.

    I know it is too late to consider would've, could've, should've, but the best way to salvage this situation is to learn from this and NEVER let things slide like this.
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  • MLMMLM 734 replies10 threads Member
    At my D's CC, for emergency medical absences, they are to notify the Health Office who will relate information to professors. At this point, I'd contact the health office immediately to see how to proceed.
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  • milkweedmilkweed 611 replies54 threads Member
    I think you should be able to get incompletes which will give you a certain period of time to complete the missing work and take make up exams. Speak to the office that gives incomplete, usually a deans office.
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  • Pennylane2011Pennylane2011 2704 replies12 threads Senior Member
    Some colleges will allow you to take incompletes that you need to make up by a certain time. However, if you have missed a significant part of the semester, it may be better to take the classes over so you might be able to ask for a medical withdrawal. See a school official- not sure who that is at your school. Bring all documentation with you- surely there are medical records you can bring, and also your doctors office could write a note.
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