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Should i study Comp TIA, A+ online?

andyvishandyvish 6 replies10 postsRegistered User Junior Member
I finished my associates degree in computer science from my community college, originally was aiming to transfer to a 4 year but right now i will have to put on pause for a few years due to personal and financial issues came up in the past few months. I was told by someone about a website that can get me prepared to pass the exam. Im also taking a web development and database course as well. Before i head back to school to finish bachelors, is it well that I study this networking certifications and other IT related material so I can get some mediocre job in tech before moving up to a better job? Right now i want to go with whatever route that doesnt take me a huge chunk of time or being responsible for paying me college debts. Everyone is saying Comp TIA is an excellent way to get introduced to IT and job opportunities from it are remarkable, even starting out as 50,000 with just an associates
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