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What exactly Community college are like?

gammy13gammy13 0 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
it's like college without the parties or living in a dorm.

it's very cheap compared to a normal 4 year university.

where I live (maryland) you can transfer any community college credits to any maryland university, this means you can go 2 years in community college and transfer to a 4 year and only go to the 4 years for 2 years (saving lots of money)

in terms of social life, it's sorta like high school. you go to class, go home, maybe eat lunch while you are there I guess.

one thing i notice is lots of older people in community college, people were trying to go back and get a degree, or people just wanting to learn. i had a guy in a history class who had a good job just taking it for fun I think.

overall, very happy i went to a community college.
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Replies to: What exactly Community college are like?

  • collegeboundxcollegeboundx 30 replies8 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Going to community college is the best choice I ever made. There's definitely a stigma around it, and so many people tried convincing me not to go. I'm glad I did. My classes are extremely small - my largest class was a lecture of 80 students; most of my classes have 30-40 students. I'm able to make connections with my professors and get one-on-one help from them because there are so little students. Look into programs that are offered too - there may be cool internships and research opportunities at neighboring universities for community college students.

    I didn't know what to expect going in, but it's become a campus I love so much - I look forward to every day. The campus is small enough that it starts to feel like you know half the students. A lot of the people I've met are very inspiring - full-time students and full-time workers, people who are returning to school for a career change, people who fell off their educational track and came back to pursue their schooling. There's a wide range of ages, but I'd say most people are in their early 20s - of course, these things may vary depending on the school. Also, I made one of my best friends here - I think people forget that it is possible to still be social at a CC. Some of the classes are easier than others - I wanted a challenge so I read ratemyprofessor reviews and found the hardest teacher I could for each subject. I never felt like I was missing out because I love the educational aspect of school, the social aspect to a certain level (definitely not a party person), and I love being home with my family. It's a more isolated kind of freedom when you're doing a lot of things on your own, and it allows me to feel fairly independent despite living at home.

    Plus, you can save a lot of money in the process - fill out your FAFSA! Depending on your state you may even be able to go for free - my school had free tuition for first-year students, so I paid $70 for my first year. I have zero regrets and would fully recommend it to anyone.
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