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Do UCs care about Non-Pass class?

zzangu121zzangu121 1 replies1 threads New Member
I’ve been studied in california community college for almost 2yrs and I’m having trouble on my GPA.. I’m taking one paralegal class with P/Np which is neither, and I don’t think I can pass this class. Does this affect to my college application? Anyone who knows the answer or at least has the similar experience, please help me..
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Replies to: Do UCs care about Non-Pass class?

  • zzangu121zzangu121 1 replies1 threads New Member
    oh, part of the sentence is deleted. *this class is neither my major prerequisite nor part of GE(IGETC)
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  • rainofsereinrainofserein 3 replies2 threads New Member
    I think it's fine. You can take up to 14 units of P/NP. My counselor said as long as it's not a major prep class it doesn't matter.
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  • badgolferbadgolfer 234 replies8 threads Junior Member
    edited November 19
    The UCs are ok with taking some classes P/NP. What they aren't so ok with is failing (not passing) classes. Since the OP is at a CCC they should talk to a counselor at their xfer center for advice. And since it called a paralegal class, is it actually a transferable class? Many vocational classes are not. UC calculates your gpa based on transferable classes, those listed in ASSIST. If the OP is lucky this is not transferable. The xfer counselor can help on all this.

    One side note: I would strongly suggest the OP take as many English classes as possible. Just about every sentence in the first post has grammatical errors. Your profs at UC will care about your ability to express yourself well, as will future employers.
    edited November 19
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