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Major Prerequisite

ReadTheBioReadTheBio 9 replies8 threads Junior Member
edited June 3 in Community Colleges
Hi everyone,

I am a biology major at Pasadena City College intending to transfer to UCLA for the fall of 2021. As of now, I have completed IGETC and am on track to complete all of my major prerequisite classes by the end of spring 2021 EXCEPT or chem 8b (Organic Chemistry 2). I am in the progress of registering for Chem 1B for the summer of 2020, which will allow me to take Chem 8A in the fall of 2020 and Chem 8B in the spring of 2021. These chemistry courses have to be taken in that order. If I do not get into chem 1B for summer 2020, I'm afraid that I won't be able to complete Chem 1B at all prior to transfer. Will this hurt my chances for admission? What could I do to resolve this issue? Would UCLA allow me to finish up the Chem 8B equivalent at UCLA? The assist.org agreement says that to be considered for biology major, I must complete "one semester of chemistry with lab by spring term before transfer." However, the agreement also lists at the bottom that I should take both Chem 8A and Chem 8B.

Side note: I graduated high school one year early and am doing a one year transfer. Biology requires a ton of major prep courses. I have been trying my best to finish these courses as early as possible but it's been real tough.
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Replies to: Major Prerequisite

  • LindagafLindagaf 11421 replies607 threads Super Moderator
    Why not contact UCLA admissions office with this question? I think they would be able to tell you definitively.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 84940 replies758 threads Senior Member
    https://www.assist.org/transfer/report/23145010 says:
    ASSIST.org wrote:
    Listed below are the lower division preparation courses for the major. THIS MAJOR IS HIGHLY SELECTIVE. To be considered for this major, you must complete one year of biology with lab, one year of general chemistry with lab, one year of calculus and one semester of organic chemistry with lab by spring term before transfer. Completion of a second semester of organic chemistry or one year of calculus based physics is strongly recommended.

    However, for PCC courses, it looks like articulation to UCLA CHEM 30A and 30B is only for the series, so you need to complete both PCC CHEM 8A and 8B to cover them (unlike the course-by-course articulation for some of the math and physics courses).

    Contact UCLA directly to find out if completing only PCC CHEM 8A allows you to be considered for the major. However, even if it does, you would probably be at an admission disadvantage, and you may have to take both CHEM 30A and 30B at UCLA after transfer if you are admitted.
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  • ReadTheBioReadTheBio 9 replies8 threads Junior Member
    edited June 2
    @ucbalumnus I've heard of people who have taken classes that are prereqs of one another in the same term. Do you think its doable to take both chem 8a and 8b in spring? Those will be my only two classes for that term. This is a last resort btw.

    @Lindagaf I'm planning on doing that tomorrow when the office is open.
    edited June 2
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 84940 replies758 threads Senior Member
    You would have to get someone familiar with chemistry to review PCC CHEM 1B, 8A, 8B and tell you if it is realistic to take 1B+8A or 8A+8B together, if PCC will even let you do so (based on whether prerequisites are enforced).
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  • ReadTheBioReadTheBio 9 replies8 threads Junior Member
    @ucbalumnus Chem 1B is offered in the winter so what do you think about taking ochem 8a prior to chem 1B? *Chem 8A in fall 2020 & Chem 1B winter 2021 & Chem 8B in spring 2021
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 84940 replies758 threads Senior Member
    Again, you need to get someone familiar with chemistry to tell you if that is realistically doable from a prerequisite knowledge standpoint.
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