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What's Chico really like?

loyalchildloyalchild 4 replies2 threads New Member
edited July 2010 in Community Colleges
I'm a incoming senior at my high school, with a 3.6 school gpa and AP credit. I am aspiring to become a Elementary School Teacher and was looking at Chico because of their teaching program. I'm worried though, because I'm not a party person and I want to take school seriously; so I'm poking around for a little insight on what Chico state is really like. Is it really a place where I should be considering applying?
edited July 2010
4 replies
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Replies to: What's Chico really like?

  • loyalchildloyalchild 4 replies2 threads New Member
    I think I may of put this in the wrong form. If so I'm sorry.
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  • rkkcrkkc 2 replies1 threads New Member
    I think you should seriously consider Chico. One teacher I know says that when their district is hiring elementary school teachers, they prefer Chico grads. It has an excellent reputation as a teaching school. Beyond that, it is a beautiful campus adjacent to a darling downtown and a phenomenal regional park. Everyone seems very friendly there, both on and off campus. You should go visit. Our expectations were low before we went and now Chico has risen to the top of my senior's list
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  • Boehm815Boehm815 42 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I know this thread is a bit old, but as a high school student living in Chico, I must say that the partying can get out of hand. If you're living off (or probably even on) campus, it's near impossible to avoid completely.
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  • invaderziminvaderzim 8 replies12 threads New Member
    i heard it's notorious for being a party school.
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