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bookmark for deleted thread

happy1happy1 23035 replies2275 threads Senior Member
I bookmarked a thread that has been deleted. Now it shows up that I still have a thread bookmarked and I can't undo it. This is very minor but can you look at it when you have a second. Thanks. @CCadmin_Sorin
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  • CCadmin_SorinCCadmin_Sorin 2440 replies217 threads Community Manager
    @happy1, I'll look into it and will keep you posted. Thanks!
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  • thumper1thumper1 75463 replies3309 threads Senior Member

    And adding to this....If I book mark a thread...and you folks delete it...it still comes up on my count for bookmarked threads even though it no longer appears on my list of bookmarks.

    Right now...my bookmark count is listed as 33...but I have only 19 threads on my bookmark pile.

    I figured it out and now don’t bookmark things here. I save them to my favorites on my computer or iPad...because I can delete those.

    But really...nice a thread is deleted...it should be removed from the bookmark count.
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  • happy1happy1 23035 replies2275 threads Senior Member
    @CCadmin_Sorin Not sure if you are still working on the problem, but now the bookmark notation for my account has disappeared.
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