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Forum Relaunch Feedback: Status Update

CCadmin_SorinCCadmin_Sorin 2516 replies219 threads Community Manager
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Here is the previously compiled list of what impacts your experience the most.

Within the next few weeks, you will see updated status marks as we work towards addressing these items.

- Move the timestamp to the top of a post - Done
- Create a way to view all forum and sub-forum titles
- Be able to access Top Forum links from any page - Done
- On the Home Page, featured links take up too much space
- Recent Activity on the bottom of the page makes it hard to scroll quickly to the end of the posts to see the pagination
- Featured Threads take up valuable real estate and are often outdated - In progress
- Videos Ads are distracting - Now only visible if you are not logged in

- The grey font is too light in color to make browsing easy
- The font weight is too thin to easily read
- The spacing between lines adds too much length to the page
- The amount of white space impacts how much content you can see at one time
- The contrast between read and unread posts is not sufficient - Done
- Is it possible to bring back the Save Draft button? - Done
- Show more comments on a page - Done, we are now showing 20 comments instead of 15
- Option to quote without BBcode - Done

Mobile experience:
- Font styles make it especially hard to read on tablet and mobile devices
- You’re having trouble finding your way around the site
- The regular display does not show link to Page 1; you need to rotate - Done
- Various Android issues
- IPad display issues

- Featured and Participated icons are not representing correctly - Done
- Censored words showing in the Recent Activity section
- make URLs stand out in Private Messages (use the same styling as in regular posts) - Done
-Composing a post, reply, or PM is difficult because the text is double spaced when you type multiple lines - Done
- Typo on the homepage when logged out - Done
- Aligned verbiage to say "threads" instead of "posts" on a discussion level, as well as on a user profile page - Done
- When you to go to your bookmarks page and are not logged in you are prompted to an error page (instead of being asked to sign in) - Done

- Option to quote without using BBcode - NEW
- A new set of badges to reward the most Helpful content - NEW
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Replies to: Forum Relaunch Feedback: Status Update

  • 10s4life10s4life 2236 replies47 threadsForum Champion UCLA Forum Champion
    On mobile, we are unable to have a box to enter what page if the forum we want to view.
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  • CCadmin_SorinCCadmin_Sorin 2516 replies219 threads Community Manager
    edited July 2019
    @10s4life, can you please send a screenshot to [email protected] showing the box you see on desktop but not on mobile? I'm assuming this is not the same issue as the one listed above where on the regular screen you cannot go to page 1 for multi-page threads, correct?
    edited July 2019
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  • oldfortoldfort 23087 replies293 threads Senior Member
    It is great you have listed outstanding issues. Are we to understand that all of those issues will be addressed and the status update is going to let us know when they will be fixed?
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35103 replies398 threads Senior Member
    And the fact that, based on complaints, there's a (substantial) difference between how users on Apple vs Android and desk, laptop, tablet and cell see the format and run into problems.
    I believe fixes need to consider uniformity.
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  • jpm50jpm50 1246 replies25 threads Senior Member
    Is someone deleting the replies to this thread?
    The replies to it that were here last night, including mine, all appear to be gone.
    Can someone confirm if it happened and why?
    Thank you.
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  • CCadmin_SorinCCadmin_Sorin 2516 replies219 threads Community Manager
    This discussion is aimed only at collecting technical issues and giving you a status update. The off topic comments will be deleted or split into a new discussion (like the one about the pinned threads).
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 8290 replies70 threads Senior Member
    I have a new problem - when I click on a thread that I've already read and commented on, it's now taking me to random places in the thread instead of the new posts I haven't seen. I'm sure I'm signed in. It's been happening since last night but I thought it was a device problem but now it's happening on my computer as well. Also, when I go back to a page, from within a thread, it's not taking me to where I left off but to random spots - not the top or where I left off, just willy nilly places.
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  • CCadmin_SorinCCadmin_Sorin 2516 replies219 threads Community Manager
    @momofsenior1, I am not able to replicate it, but can you please send us a screenshot at [email protected] and include the thread you wanted to see and your device/browser/operating system combination? We need it in order to look into the issue. Thanks!
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 8290 replies70 threads Senior Member
    I'll email. Thanks @CCadmin_Sorin
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  • CCadmin_SorinCCadmin_Sorin 2516 replies219 threads Community Manager
    @jym626, we took note of that already. It's included under "The contrast between read and unread posts is not sufficient."
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  • jym626jym626 56230 replies2931 threads Senior Member
    The search function at the top of the page on my ipad still gets two circles with unidentifiable stuff in each when I click on the magnifying glass. The left circle ultimately gos to the advanced search. The right circle does nothing. I’ve sent you photos previously.

    Oh, and the Tr0ll word still appears in the bottom “recent activity” list
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  • jym626jym626 56230 replies2931 threads Senior Member
    Exactly. And additionally the threads with the “new” posts are in a white box and the ones without new posts are in a bluish/gray box. Its also counter-intuitive.
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  • thumper1thumper1 76085 replies3353 threads Senior Member

    Why isn’t this a sub category under “colleges and universities” like all the other sub categories of colleges?
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  • menloparkmommenloparkmom 12486 replies541 threads Senior Member
    I am unable to post a revised response after deleting what I had originally typed a couple of hrs ago. I keep on getting a " unable to find draft " error messages.- including the yellow light bulb icon.
    I did just send a screen shot of the problem to [email protected]
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 79714 replies712 threads Senior Member
    An option for registered users to have dark background and light text would be desirable, particularly for mobile use in less well lit environments where a white background is like looking into a flashlight (and may be a source of complaints about the thin font's lack of readability). Or just make dark background and light text the default.

    Yes, you can use a browser add-on like Dark Reader to do that, but it would be better if web designers recognized that this is a common problem/annoyance (common enough for there to be browser add-ons to "fix" it).
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