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Chance me for Harvard, Dartmouth, Stanford, Princeton and Duke

Tracer4321Tracer4321 0 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
International Student, South Asian

Major: Government/Policy


IBDP candidate

Junior year- IB year 1- 31/42 (Messed the exams up, therefore full year grades tanked; extenuating circumstances, mentioning them)

ACT - 35 twice, and superscore - 36

Math II- 800, Physics- 800, Literature- 700

Gave an independent, self studied AP USG- 3/5 (had one night to study, probably not going to submit it)

IBDP Senior year predicteds- 39/42 (highest recorded improvement in school)
It may actually go to a 40/42, and a 42 or 43//45

Published a research paper on IR in a respected journal

Extracurriculars (This is where I took the sub's advice)

1.) Startup- 15k USD investment by a VC, good sales, good revenue- Co-founder, CEO and CIO (its actually a lot of money here, I checked the purchasing power parity to the US)

2.) Lead organiser of a Conference (can't specify more due to easy identification). Great attendance, and in coordination with a few Fortune 50 companies and IGOs.

3.) Student Co-Founder and Chief Mentor- School Startup incubator, more than 50 student startup fundings by December 2019

4.) Co-founder- a service used by 25 schools in my district, approx 16,000 students registered. Nonprofit, and high impact.

5.)Founder and CEO of a Business Consultant companies to low income Social enterprises. Have a team of 5 students from different schools trained in market research across India, Bangladesh and Korea. Student Business Consultant- Consultant to a Social Enterprise, created a business model which brought the company from loss, to break-even, to profit. Increased social influence and sales. Descriptive letter of recommendation from CEO/Founder

6.) Initiator- a social work website, used by students all over the city to volunteer for a specific cause, a city keeper initiative, received media coverage

7.) A ton of public speaking, debating, and MUN awards. And leadership positions

8.) One of the few students to attend advisory board meetings for the school. Solo policymaking for school on discipline and tech usage in school.

9.) Won an entrepreneurship competition (organised by a T5 college), and orated two national entrepreneurship competitions. Organised a huge festival in school for a similar purpose.

10.) Article featured on one of the most popular e-magazines

Currently working on two startup ideas, but don't know how they will go.

LORs and Essays;

LoR1: from my history teacher, worked with him on a few projects and really good chemistry.

LoR2: A senior teacher in school, who I worked with on some of the aforementioned projects. Glowing LoR!

Getting counselled on essays with a cousin - Linguistics major, masters' from UCBerkeley. Essay will be super personal.

Not applying for Aid.

PS: I'm aware that my junior year is extremely messed up, but that was due to unforeseen, and unfortunate circumstances. Also if this comes off as fake, I still request you to take me in good faith and shower me with advice.

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