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What are good match schools for a Top Performer

dijon8dijon8 1 replies1 threads New Member
So my daughter is interested in studying science, probably biology but she's not sure. She will apply to some of the Ivy schools as reach schools but does not know which schools to apply to for match and safety schools. Her stats are 4.92 GPA, she took the most rigorous classes in her school, she was chosen as the 1st chair on her instrument in her state, she will have 3 years on a varsity sport, has leadership, clubs, volunteers and extra curriculars, 2 part time jobs, is a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist, 1550 SAT(800 Math), 35 ACT, 790 Math 2 SAT Subject test, 800 Chemistry SAT Subject Test, 800 Biology SAT Subject Test.

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Replies to: What are good match schools for a Top Performer

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 11080 replies137 threads Senior Member
    Match schools in my book have 30-50% acceptance rates. Safeties above that, and preferably with rolling admission so you have an early decision in hand.

    The most important factor though is making sure schools match financially as well.
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  • NCKrisNCKris 280 replies1 threads Junior Member
    edited September 2019
    What state are you in ? Any geographic preferences ?
    Most important- How much are you willing to pay ?

    Typically, in state colleges would be Safety/Likely schools for High performers. High stats alone are not enough to get into selective schools with <10% admit rate. You may want to research on admission stats at a few colleges.
    Have you done any college visits yet ? Does she have a preference on large vs. small schools ?
    If they find the the right fit school , then they will excel.
    edited September 2019
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  • Techno13Techno13 354 replies13 threads Member
    It's so hard to define "match" for high stats kids. I suppose you should be looking for schools with higher stats but also higher admit rates than the most elite schools. Is she looking for University, LAC, city, urban, particular region, etc? Safeties are difficult too. >50% admit rate? That weeds out much of the top 100, and most high stats kids are not interested in schools outside that list. Though there are some good but not great schools with Honors programs and merit scholarships that could make them appealing. One approach is to apply to a LOT of schools. Shots on goal strategy. Best of luck and so good of you to consider the matches and safeties. So many kids with high stats can't think beyond the Top 20.
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  • joecollege44joecollege44 419 replies19 threads Member
    I don’t really understand the question. Clearly she can apply anywhere she wants with a realistic chance of getting in (but of course have some happy safeties too). It’s not possible to have higher stats. So the real question is what is she looking for in a school? Is it just another case of Ivy or bust? Or does she have certain features she is looking for that may or may not be found at an Ivy?
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 3063 replies8 threads Senior Member
    The match and safety schools should be the top ones on the list, because most students don't get into an ivy league, and if they do, there's still a good chance you might not be able to afford it. Have her apply for scholarships. A state flagship is a good place to start. Some of the best scholarship money can be found in the south and southwest U.S. where it's less densely populated. Whichever offers the best scholarship should probably get the best consideration.
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  • Erin's DadErin's Dad 34247 replies5132 threads Super Moderator
    Possibly your state flagship U?
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35953 replies404 threads Senior Member
    edited September 2019
    Get a good college guide, Fiske or Princeton Review. If she's a senior, you need to get an idea what's out there.

    And remember, adcoms at any holistic college read the full app, not just stats and ECs. Some state U's are holistic, too.
    edited September 2019
    Post edited by vonlost on
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  • VeryapparentVeryapparent 893 replies16 threads Member
    I would say if she is considering a women’s college Smith, Bryn Mawr and Mt Holyoke are good match schools. Also all three have excellent sciences and are in consortium with other schools. It’s tricky with high stats kids because even though they are at or above 75% percentile for top schools admission is a crap shoot for anyone. Grinnell, Reed, CaseWestern all worth a look as match schools. Those stats would likely garner some good merit if you are looking for that.
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  • NJEngineerDadNJEngineerDad 221 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @dijon8 Are you financially constrained or not? Would a merit scholarship be useful to you? If so, you should consider applying to all the schools that offer full tuition or more to national scholars. Is she thinking more Biological Sciences or Biological / Agricultural Engineering? University of Arizona is considered a top-50 school in Biological Sciences. Florida, Nebraska and Kentucky are top-50 for Biological / Agricultural Engineering. All should offer at least full tuition.
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  • TheGreyKingTheGreyKing 2262 replies104 threads Senior Member
    Congratulations to your daughter on her fine accomplishments!

    Assuming she likes universities of similar size range to the Ivies, since you said she likes the Ivies, how about these northeastern schools?

    Reach: Tufts, Johns Hopkins
    Match: Brandeis, U of Rochester, Lehigh
    Safety: state flagship, with honors program if available

    If she would like a small liberal arts college, I can list many other recommendations. Would she?

    If she would look outside the northeast, still more. Would she?

    Also, consider if she has a preference for urban vs. suburban vs. rural, bigger schools vs. smaller schools, frats and sororities vs. none, preprofessional vs. intellectual, big sports culture vs. less big sports culture, etc. Does she?
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