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you've got questions, i've got answers.


Replies to: you've got questions, i've got answers.

  • bronbronbronbron Registered User Posts: 107 Junior Member
    To Huskem55: I applied ED to Conncoll, but I wonder if my less-than-perfect stats can lead to deferral? Is there any chance I'm accepted?
    Could you give me some advice about this:
    Profile Asian Male
    GPA : 8.5 / 10, 5% class
    TOEFL : 607 PBT
    SAT Low Gonna have to retake this in JAN ( But I asked the college to disregard it)
    SAT II: 750 Math 740 French 630 Physics
    Have a published work in sociology
    Several city contest for gifted students prizes
    Tutor for poor children.
    Varsity sports: Football and Basketball
    Pass the French Baccaleaureat Program, nice marks
    Speak 3 languages fluently

    Dad and Mom: PhDs
    Essays : The best stuff I've ever written
    Recommendations: Great!
    Question: What are my chances?
    Intended Major: Sociology

    Any advice are welcome. Thank you
  • woebegonewoebegone Registered User Posts: 548 Member
    hey bronbron, pardon me for hijacking this thread but i thought i'll give my two cents' worth since huskem hasn't replied yet.

    i guess you applied ED2, since ED1 results are most probably out by now? and i see that you haven't taken TOEFL and your GPA seems quite atypical for american high schools - may i assume you're an international student?

    Your stats seem well within the range of that of the accepted students actually. So don't worry there. Conn places quite a huge emphasis on essays, so it's great that you feel they are the best stuff you've written. Conn is also trying very hard to improve its diversity these days (on top of balancing that gender ratio which is tilting 'in favor' of the females again), so the fact that you're an asian male probably makes you an even more attractive candidate. Not to mention you're applying ED - they'll probably cut you some slack there (as at every other college, much as they'll like to deny it).

    The crucial question is perhaps whether you're a US citizen or an international student. If you are a US citizen, or an international not seeking aid, I think your chances are good. But if you're an international student seeking financial aid, it may be tougher.
  • huskem55huskem55 User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 4,284 Senior Member
    i think you have a great chance
  • bronbronbronbron Registered User Posts: 107 Junior Member
    Hey Woebegone, your words worth like $200, not 2 cents at all.
    I actually gave my Why Conncoll for a ConnColl student to proofread, and he says it's great :). But actually I am an international who is seeking aid, it might be tough, you're right, woebegone.
    And thanks to huskem55 for kindly PM me and encourage me with my application. You guys are so friendly. Good luck to all of you.
    P/S: In the worst case, if I got deferred in Conn, what do you think of my chances in optional SAT LACs like Bates, Bowdoin, Middlebury or Colby?
  • woebegonewoebegone Registered User Posts: 548 Member
    haha, i'm an international, male, asian, on finaid too! but i deferred my matriculation coz of national service so i'll only be going next fall - hope to see ya there!

    anyway, if you're deferred at Conn - it's still kinda hard to comment on your chances at other LACs, since some schools prefer to defer intel applicants seeking aid to the regular pool to choose from a more diverse pool. but if you're rejected by Conn with an ED advantage, your chances will probably be very bleak at Bates, Bowdoin, Middlebury and Colby (all of which are slightly more selective than Conn). So my advice is: apply to a few other less selective schools for your RD, which is what people normally do anyway. You can probably apply to Bates and Colby though. Middlebury will be quite competitive given that it is needblind, and Bowdoin simply doesn't admit a lot of intel applicants with aid (esp not RD). Anyway, what country are you from?

    P.S. Are you sure Colby and Midd are needblind? I'm pretty sure they weren't when I applied last year... (well at least for Colby)
  • bronbronbronbron Registered User Posts: 107 Junior Member
    You said "coz of national service", so I believe you're in Singap or China :)). I'm from VN.
    Yeah, I did apply to less selective one, like SLU or SLC.
    Hey man, I didn't say that Colby is need-blind. Midd is
    You're applying to Conn class of '11, too? Hope to see you there hehe :))
    Finally, I'm from Vietnam
  • woebegonewoebegone Registered User Posts: 548 Member
    sorry typo. i meant to say, Colby and Midd are not SAT-optional.

    i'm from Singapore! i don't think china has mandatory national service...
  • bronbronbronbron Registered User Posts: 107 Junior Member
    Nah, dude Midd is SAT optional (SAT I)
    Nice to meet ya hehe
  • woebegonewoebegone Registered User Posts: 548 Member
    ah my bad! was cleaning up the old files in my computer when i came across the old college research material i compiled... midd is indeed SAT-optional, even in 'my time'.
  • rma32rma32 Registered User Posts: 281 Junior Member
    just read through this thread...lots of good info huskem! thought i'd post to get it going again...

    i have a few questions:
    1. what is the premed program like? what kinds of med schools do students get into?
    2. i was recently waitlisted and admissions said that students coming off of the waitlist get the same financial aid as a regularly accepted student so I am definitely going to send in some supplementary materials...my question is how many people or what % of students are accepted off the waitlist? how do they decide who to admit (which supplemetary materials do you think would best add to my profile..i was thinking a recommendation from my friend since i never did that for regular application, a visit to campus meeting with a coach, send in an art portfolio, and a letter telling them about new activities and my improving grades and how conn coll is my top choice still...)
    3. how competitive is the crew team at conn coll?
  • huskem55huskem55 User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 4,284 Senior Member
    good questions:

    1. I'm not a science person, but I've been told that the pre-med program is excellent. They have great pre-med advisors, and they do have an excellent acceptance rate. I'll browse facebook later and give you a sampling of med schools current students are at.

    2. they accept a decent amount of waitlisted people i assume, because i think their RD yield rate tends to be around 38%.

    definitely write a letter about your interest.

    3. no clue about crew. email the coach or captain.

    good luck!
  • maibymaiby Registered User Posts: 50 Junior Member
    Do you have any idea what the female/male acceptance ratio was this year? Are they hoping to keep it to 60/40 or are they trying to even it out a bit more?
  • huskem55huskem55 User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 4,284 Senior Member
    i'm pretty sure that they are attempting to even it out a bit.
  • maibymaiby Registered User Posts: 50 Junior Member
    If you don't major in economics, is it possible to get some kind of business background at Conn College?
  • huskem55huskem55 User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 4,284 Senior Member
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