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Chances for CAS regular decision

AmduseusAmduseus 78 replies25 threads Junior Member
SAT I: 1570 (CR/W: 770 M: 800)
Taking Math and Physics subject tests in August. Been getting 800s on practice.
UW GPA: 4.15 (My school counts unweighted A+ as a 4.33)
W GPA: 4.60
I believe I'm currently first in my class, but my school doesn't officially rank.
AP Scores:
Physics 1 - 5
Lang - 5
Calc BC - 5, 5 subscore
Comp Sci - 4
US History - 5
Took these five APs Junior year and will take Chem, Bio, Lit, Stats, and Microeconomics next year
Awards/Achievements: >Won school's science, history, English, and Spanish awards (one selected for each grade)
>Probably qualified for National Merit Program (1510 PSAT)
>New Jersey Governor's School of the Sciences nominee
>Several 4-H Herpetology awards--Herdsmanship, Teen Leadership, Best Record Book. I've also won a lot of awards for my snakes at small animal shows and fairs, although I honestly don't know if that's technically their achievement or mine, lol.
>National Honor Society
>Spanish National Honor Society
>National Hispanic Recognition Program


Extracurriculars: >NJ Science League
>FRC Robotics Team, community service coordinator and build team
>Marching Band, saxophone section leader
>Jazz Band
>4-H Herpetology club. Teen leader and treasurer.
>Student government homeroom rep
>Working on a blog about largemouth bass fishing
>Teen volunteer for library's summer reading program
>Summer band camp for elementary school students
>Tutoring for NHS and Spanish NHS
>Various volunteer activities provided by 4-H, including volunteering at the summer county fair
I couldn't tell you how many hours I have off the top of my head, but this year alone adds up a bit over 100.

Summer Activities: Volunteering, robotics training, and marching band preseason. I also spend a lot of time pursuing individual interests like fishing and reptile ownership. Spent a lot of last summer looking after a family member with dementia.


State of Residence: New Jersey
Ethnicity: Multiracial--Black (Antiguan), White, and Hispanic (Guatemalan)
Gender: Male
Intended Major: Bio (possibly pre-med)
Income: 70k(?)

Thanks for the help in advance. If you could spare some advice, it would be appreciated.
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