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Cornell vs MIT vs Carnegie Mellon vs Stanford

StephenPStephenP 27 replies1 threads New Member
edited November 2005 in Cornell University
I want to major in Mech E, and am applying to each of these schools for engineering. Anyway, who knows about social life at Cornell and at these schools. As in, time spent working, and such. I've read that at MIT kids crank out 14 hour weekdays and a decent amount of work on weekends too. I dont know if im willing to work that hard. Whoever knows alot about these schools, assess them on social/party life and free time pls.
P.S. What are my chances at these schools? reach, match, safety?
Sat: 800m 720v 740w
Sat2: 800 2c, 800physics, 800bio
Class Rank: cum laude (top 10%)
I'm president of our school's First robotics team, am really passionate about engineering. Good essay. Killer recs I believe. Numerous regional, some state and national awards in physics, math, and language, etc. I tickle the ivories (piano). Good AP's. Bunch of other EC's (the norms). Varsity Tennis.
My dad went to MIT so that helps there, good MIT interview, app is in. But thats a sh**load of work so i hear. And Cornell is frickin cold.
edited November 2005
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Replies to: Cornell vs MIT vs Carnegie Mellon vs Stanford

  • hopeful4cornellhopeful4cornell 341 replies37 threads Member
    go to mit.......... seriously
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  • evanescenteuphoriaevanescenteuphoria 578 replies139 threads Member
    MIT is #1 for engineering. It's really up to you. I'd rather go to MIT but don't have the stats for it. :(
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  • towerpumpkintowerpumpkin 1627 replies33 threads Senior Member
    Cornell isn't that much colder. According to the following, Ithaca reaches an average low of 15 degrees, while Cambridge is around 20 degrees. I don't think thats really that much of a difference.


    Anyway, you should apply to everything and compare financial aid and then make your decision. Sometimes affordability is also a big factor. You are reachy for all of those schools, moreso for MIT and Stanford.
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  • live-live- 774 replies36 threads Member
    Honestly, in the long run, if you go to any of those 4 schools you will be equally successful. I guess MIT has a "better" engineering program, but its also a lot more nerdy and such from what I've seen...I'd rather have some free time and go to a school with more options (not full of just math/techy whizzes).
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  • xo akhila oxxo akhila ox 476 replies25 threads Member
    MIT is better for engineering, but I'd rather go to Stanford - beautiful campus, california, etc. I'd want to have a nice social life, nice weather, and party instead of just studying all day. Its obviously your choice, if you like to study a lot or something, MIT is good for you. Its basically personal like and dislike.
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  • StephenPStephenP 27 replies1 threads New Member
    Yeah I know what you mean by MIT being all nerdy. I checked out their folder and the discussions are all just panicky asians freakin out about minor stuff and showing off their stats. Thats why i posted this thread here. Ill see where I get in and then check them out more. but otherwise, yes i guess going to any of those schools one can still get a great education, only variable is environment. I cannot really see myself spending all my day studying. (all work and no play makes jimmy a very, very dull boy)
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  • StPlayrXtremeStPlayrXtreme 707 replies37 threads Member
    Quality of life seems much better at Cornell than MIT, and has a more diverse student body.

    Although MIT has a great academic program, I wouldn't want to go there.

    Stanford's great if you want to be on the west coast.

    I don't know anything about CM so I can't help you there.
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  • towerpumpkintowerpumpkin 1627 replies33 threads Senior Member
    You can't really judge what a school is like from how prospective (and maybe current) students act and interact on an online message board. I'd suggest visiting, or at least talking directly to current students, before you completely write off MIT.
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  • passwordpassword 526 replies39 threads Member
    i live 30 min from stanford and believe me, we have THE BEST WEATHER ever here. i know how everybody says california has no seasons. we do...it's just never freezing. but if you love to ski, you can still drive up to lake tahoe for the weekends and whatnot. if you're into east coast weather then..your choice. but bay area weather is really reallyyyy nice.
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  • shizzshizz 709 replies14 threads Member
    I turned down a science&tech school for cornell many years ago for similar reasons - lack of social life and a desire not to be surrounded by a narrow-focused student body. Apply to all the schools, see where you get in, then decide after visiting each.
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  • StPlayrXtremeStPlayrXtreme 707 replies37 threads Member
    shizz, sounds like we choose cornell for the same reason.

    I'm really interested in Biological Engineering. But I really like having people around me that are interested in all sorts of things, like my roommate is a human biology major, and the people I live with are majoring in philosophy, economics, horticulture, chem engineering, civil engineering, design, classics, plant science, ILR. . .makes life a lot more interesting.

    I also forgot to say the first time, if you want to do well at Cornell, you will have to put in a lot of work, but it's not an impossible amount of work and your workload is vastly determined by the courses you choose to take. There will be days where you will be extremely busy, but you'll have lighter days too. . . so no worries, but I do find that I have more work than my friends at other schools, but then again I chose to take bio, chem, engineering calc, writing and gym at the same time. . .but it's not unbearable, and I will probably add another class next semester.

    Social life is good, there's always something to do. However, this is no metropolis. Compared to where I came from there is a ton more to do, and the campus is massive, so there tends to be many different things to choose from.
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  • beprepnbeprepn 810 replies19 threads Member
    The work ethic at Cornell is not much less than that at MIT.

    MIT carries a cache in engineering that only Caltech equals.

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  • 4thfloor4thfloor 785 replies66 threads Member
    Cornell has by far the best food of all of them. And believe me, that counts.
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  • StPlayrXtremeStPlayrXtreme 707 replies37 threads Member
    Yes, indeed, that does count.

    I've only eaten out like three times this year. . .there really is no need. Although it is nice to go out to mix things up a little.
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