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Chances at Human Ecology ED?

cjaprea27cjaprea27 3 replies2 threads New Member
edited December 2013 in Cornell University
Hi everyone! I never thought I would do this, but here goes! Any input is greatly appreciated! :)

White male, Christian, first generation college student

GPA: 4.10 weighted, 3.88 unweighted
Ranking: Top 10%
SAT: CR: 670, M: 680, W: 710 (2060, improved from a 1840)
SAT II: Biology molecular: 740, APUSH: 640, Math I: 580 (cringing - guidance told me to state why - was withdrawing from old medication and adjusting to new one - greatly affected concentration and caused extreme heat flashes)
AP's/Honors -
Junior yr: AP Biology, AP Italian, AP U.S. History, Honors chem, Honors english/lit, honors science research
Senior yr: AP Macro, AP Statistics, 4H AB Precalc (Attempted to do an independent study over summer to get into AP Calc, but school would not accept it because it was a free course and wasn't sponsored by my school - even though it was through UPenn... mentioned it on the common app), AP Literature, Honors physics, honors adv. science research

-President of Amnesty International (participated 3 years, pres. for 1)
-Paid secretary of St. Patrick's parish rectory (10th-12th)
-NHS Public relations committee (12th)
-Research assistant at Burke Medical Research Institute: investigated the effects of hypoxic preconditioning on Schwann cell viability - not so successful, but a ton of fun! (~260 hours over summer, 10th-11th)
-Data-based research assistant at Northern Westchester Hospital: studied stroke epidemiology and patient demographics - project was a success - helped understand patient demographics at solely a community level (~160 hours over summer, 11th-12th)
-Leader of St. Patrick's parish teen youth group: helped run pilgrimage to Madrid, Spain (World Youth Day 2010), ran local fundraisers, volunteered every year at Christmas dinner for the senior citizens/ the local homeless (9th-12th)
-Paid tutor for middle school/high school students in all subjects (mostly bio and math though)
-Science Olympiad competitor (9th, 11th, 12th) - anatomy and physiology

-Society for in vitro Biology Award State/Regional (11th)
-Selected to represent Yorktown High School
and state of NY at the Congress of Future
Medical Leaders (National, 12th)
-National Academy of Future Physicians and
Medical Scientists Award of Excellence (National, 12th)
-Silver Pin awarded for highly ranked GPA (11th)
-Principal's List (9th-12th)

Recommendations: Honors/AP Bio teacher (amazing relationship), Honors eng. teacher (really personal rec), science research teacher (like a dad to me, spoke of intense work load/ work ethic), Supplemental rec from mentor at Northern Westchester Hospital - chief neurologist of the hospital

Essay: wrote about my dad pushing me to work on the railroad and not worry about college - spoke of how I'm going to lay down my own tracks before I truly embrace his American Dream of having a family and being promised financial stability.

Intended major: Human Biology, Health, and Society (HBHS)
Supplement: the majority of the essay spoke of my passion for the life sciences/ my family med history, and the last two paragraphs spoke about Human Ecology and how it fit perfectly in my life - wanted the pre-med track, but really loved how it wasn't necessarily about the core classes - more about those surrounding them that would help influence/refine one's goals.

It's always been my dream to attend Cornell.. I've had a lot of encouragement and a lot of discouragement.. I know I'm not the best student and may not be as qualified as the other truly amazing applicants, but it's not gonna stop me from trying :]

Thanks everyone! I really, really appreciate it!
edited December 2013
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Replies to: Chances at Human Ecology ED?

  • jc1332jc1332 23 replies0 threads New Member
    Your ECs are amazing, in my opinion at least. I sincerely hope that you get in. I've been thinking about your essay and how a college counselor might perceive it; it's so unique and not a typical self-revelation essay that it makes me cringe at the power behind it. I definitely think you have a great chance. You're course load and GPA definitely will be factors that help you; however, I think your SATs are good but don't correlate to the amount of dedication you put into your work. This incongruence will definitely be noticed and will not hurt you in any way. That single SAT II would be my only concern so make sure that it's noted somewhere, but don't dwell over it and write an explanation everywhere you can. Your passion for Cornell, to the extent that I can see, is tremendous and thus I believe you have a great chance at being accepted. I applied to CALS so I'm not sure if you needed a supplemental but that and the recommendation is what I've seen/read to be the most important.

    Best of luck! I'd love to know your result.
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  • cjaprea27cjaprea27 3 replies2 threads New Member
    Thanks so much, jc1332! Best of luck to you too :]
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  • ParadiseCityParadiseCity 40 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hey I applied to HumEc HBHS as well! I can't believe that the notification deadline is just around the corner. Time flies. Best of luck to you!
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  • jc1332jc1332 23 replies0 threads New Member
    ParadiseCity, best of luck to you as well!
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