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Cornell Fall 2017 Transfer


Replies to: Cornell Fall 2017 Transfer

  • trynamakecollegetrynamakecollege 18 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hey all, I'm applying for Computer Science in the College of Arts and Sciences!

    I recently changed my major, and I'm currently a freshman. I will talk about my major shift in my supplementary essay. About me:

    Caucasian Female from New York
    Currently attending Stevens Institute of Technology
    Major: Biomedical Engineering/ Computer Science
    GPA: 3.92 Dean's List
    College EC: Several clubs including Habitat for Humanity, Biomedical Engineering Society, Korean Student Association, and Women in Computer Science. Also was invited and attended a three day launchpad program aiding students in creating startup companies. I also created a calculator app! (I self taught myself several programming languages including C, Java, and Swift. College Programming taught me C++)

    High School GPA: ~4.0 (weighted)
    High School EC: Varsity Volleyball all four years (captain senior year), heavily involved in NHS, in school ensemble all four years, volunteered every week for Autism Awareness club, head writer for school musical for 2 years, audio board operator for school events for 2 years, secretary of a medical club and co-president for an international relations club one year. (and varsity basketball freshman year but I quit) Also played volleyball for a club team outside of school.

    Work Experience: In high school I worked for the Career Development Center and advertised and published articles about opportunities given to students from the school (unpaid). This summer I also worked at a charter school and tutored children in 7th and 8th grade level math
    Volunteer Experience: (mentioned Habitat for Humanity), A LOT with NHS and Autism Awareness Club, many events in my high school, also was as an assistant teacher for special education children for a summer (taught them about technology), volunteered at local library
    Awards: Two all-star awards for volleyball, a scholar athlete award (I was on TV!), AP Honor Awards, Burger King Scholar, high school awards for good performance in gym and AP Calc AB.

    SAT: 2120 composite (M 720, R 670, W 730)
    AP Tests: World History 4, US History 4, Language and Comp 4, Macro 4, Psychology 5, Calc AB 5
    College Rec: asked my english professor and I'm hoping it's good because I think she liked me and I participated often!
    I really do love Cornell and I hope to show that in my essays! It's an absolute dream to make this university. Best of luck to everyone else applying!
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  • AGoodFloridianAGoodFloridian 1353 replies19 threads Senior Member
    I'm genuinely impressed at the caliber of the transfer students this year- @trynamakecollege , @mjr2013 , etc, you all are really raising the bar here :)

    I'm still setting things in stone with my 2nd semester at my own CC, but so far I have a 4.0 under an intense fully stacked course-load, with a 31C on the ACT. Once I have my "midterm" grades for the courses I'm currently taking, I'll be able to better gauge if I have a shot at Cornell or not.

    Best of luck to all of us!
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  • milkshakezzzmilkshakezzz 37 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited January 2017
    Hey guys, here are my stats. Currently a Community College student as well. What do you guys think?

    Highschool GPA: 2.3
    Highschool Ec's: Model UN & Peer Counseling

    Current GPA: 3.9 (Honors student)
    EC's: Yale SMDEP 6-week intensive medical school prep program (Summer Medical and Dental Education Program), Have been an Undergraduate Research Assistant in a research lab at Yale for a school year, Yale Bio-MedSurf (summer undergraduate research fellowship) , Math Club Secretary, Env club treasurer, and student government. Have attended many academic conferences and seminars. Tutoring/mentoring/peer counseling.

    Awards: "WHO's who among American students in colleges and universities" or whatever
    Diversity: Gay, first generation, and economically disadvantaged. I have a youtube video on hacking Pokemon I made when I was 11 and it has 30,501 views. I accidentally hybridized a cucumber once, creating a GINORMOUS cucumber-pumpkin hybrid with pics to prove!

    Future plans - Medical school to pursue a career as a physician-scientist, researching microbial pathogenesis and treating patients.
    SAT's: 1190 total, 590 reading/writing, 600 math
    Reasons for transferring: I have some strong reasons to transfer specifically to Cornell.

    Best of luck to all!
    edited January 2017
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  • mjr2013mjr2013 443 replies32 threads Member
    @milkshakezzz How many CHs at the CC? Congratulations on the high school to CC turnaround.
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  • milkshakezzzmilkshakezzz 37 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited January 2017
    @Mjr2013 I have 42 credit hours, and 15 in progress. Thanks, I appreciate it. It's been quite the adventure, and time is just flying by!
    edited January 2017
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  • milkshakezzzmilkshakezzz 37 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I should also mention, I'm applying to CALS for double biology and chemistry major, concentration in molecular biology & biochem.

    @trynamakecollege , @mjr2013, I think you guys both are competitive af.

    I have never gone through the whole transfer admissions process, but having done some pretty competitive summer programs/mentored a ton, I have some general advice.

    Quality, and not quantity. Extra curricular's should reflect your future goals, and you should indicate a very deep passion for what you are doing. Be able to articulate why you're doing what you're doing, how you plan to do it and the institution's role in making that happen. What you bring to the table in sense of things you've learned from either life experiences (challenges->resilience->motivation), or skills and be able to exemplify preferably with anecdotes. Remember that the essay in itself is a piece of writing and should show off how damn good of a writer you are. Paint a pretty, and positive picture about who you are, why you are, and what you are made of - think back to those really defining moments in your life. Everything you write about should intertwine with each other to tell a story and relate to those amazing and revolutionary goals you have in life.
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  • mjr2013mjr2013 443 replies32 threads Member
    @milkshakezzz "competitive af" LOL

    Good post though
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  • milkshakezzzmilkshakezzz 37 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited January 2017
    @mjr2013 is this your top school?
    edited January 2017
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  • mjr2013mjr2013 443 replies32 threads Member
    @milkshakezzz I wouldn't place many above it - Stanford and Harvard, were I to pull off one of those Hail Mary's. Columbia might be a hair ahead of Cornell. But Cornell is definitely up there for me.
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  • milkshakezzzmilkshakezzz 37 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @mjr2013 I see. Only time will tell! I think you'll get in to one of your top choices. It seems as though you're able to articulate yourself with a compelling story. Do you plan to pursue a graduate education?

    Personally, Cornell is my top, and then Yale.
    Expecting acceptances from: Yale, Amherst, Wesleyan, Boston College. My professors at Yale want me to apply to Duke and Vanderbilt, but i'm already drained cuz i've been writing essays for months now.
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  • mjr2013mjr2013 443 replies32 threads Member
    @milkshakezzz Make sure to apply to some safeties. Despite your impressive resume, and I do mean impressive, those four schools you are expecting acceptances from have transfer admit rates of 2.68%, 5.70%, ~22%, and 10.90%

    I do plan on continuing to grad school. Med school mayyyybe.
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  • milkshakezzzmilkshakezzz 37 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @mjr2013 Hell yeah dude, med-school is the way to go! The need for graduate level degrees in humanities is in decline. Have you thought about what area of medicine you would want to explore? Do you have any plans for this summer? - there's this awesome program called the "Summer Health Profession Education Program", formerly known as SMDEP (Summer Medical Dental and Education Program). It's a great way to find out if Medicine is a fit.

    Thanks haha, reality can be a bitch sometimes :p, I have a state school as my safety. Tbh, if I don't get into any of my schools I might just be a stripper for a semester.. jk..(insert nervous laugh). lmao.. It's okay tho, Wesleyan has a seat for me i've been in touch with the president and dean of transfers since last year.
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  • mjr2013mjr2013 443 replies32 threads Member
    @milkshakezzz I had never heard of it, but I love the idea. I am definitely considering applying. Just have to figure out if it will be financially do-able. Have a rent and car payment to make that the stipend probably wouldn't totally cover!
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  • CornellAEMpleaseCornellAEMplease 112 replies18 threads Junior Member
    For anyone who wants a hint on where to apply

    Cornell human ecology has the highest acceptance rate.

    I'm seeing a lot of people here wanting to go to med school, this is the perfect fit.
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  • trynamakecollegetrynamakecollege 18 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I know on this thread I mentioned I'm applying to the Arts and Sciences school, but upon further research, I actually found the PERFECT major for me in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences! I hope everyone's applications are going well!
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  • johnpfc3johnpfc3 156 replies17 threads Junior Member
    does anyone know the transfer acceptance rate for AEM vs Arts and Sciences?
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  • SkeptaSkepta 466 replies0 threads Member
    edited January 2017
    Here are my stats:

    Currently a freshman at De anza community College.
    CC gpa: 4.00, (23 quarter units completed)
    Recc letter from english prof.

    HS gpa: 2.6

    EC: Event coordinator for environmental club
    Worked as a host at the counter restaraunt
    Lead lessons in web design at my schools coding club.

    I was wondering what my chances were, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    edited January 2017
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  • USAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSA 17 replies0 threads New Member
    I've looked around but I can't quite tell what the transfer acceptance rate is for Dyson. Does anyone know?
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  • LTCmatLTCmat 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I've heard extremely low
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  • tomster10010tomster10010 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Chance me, please!

    Male - lower middle class
    looking to transfer as CS in either Engineering or Arts and Sciences (I don't know which, advice?)
    Currently Computer Science freshman at RPI (top 30 tech school)
    GPA: 3.33*
    HS GPA: 4.20/4 (probably 3.6-3.8 unweighted)
    SAT: 800 reading, 760 math, 700 writing

    Calc BC, Chem, CS, Stat, Bio, Psych, Econ (both), Spanish
    US gov't, Language and Composition, Physics I
    US History

    First semester classes: Multivar, DiffEq, CS 2, Cell Biology, Elective
    College: Chamber music ensemble, Fraternity, CS club, Big Brothers Big Sisters (joining soon), Alpha Phi Omega (Service fraternity), tutor for CS (officially) and lots of other stuff (unofficially), maybe one other soon (Ballroom)

    HS: Model UN (delegation coleader), Board game club (president and founder), FIRST Robotics (Programming team lead), TA for AP Computer Science, tutoring

    Explanation for GPA: I got a C+ in Differential equations. All my other classes are B+ or better, with an A in my only Computer Science class (considered one of the hardest classes in the school).

    I decided to apply just a couple days ago and I'm still not sure who I'm going to ask for a letter of recommendation. I know I can get a good one from a high school teacher, but I don't know if any professors are close enough to me to write a good letter of rec.

    I'm also looking at UT Austin. They have a really high average transfer GPA (3.66) but they get a lot of transfers from other UT schools, so I'm not sure how competitive I am.
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