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Cornell Fall 2017 Transfer


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  • qwerty1023qwerty1023 2 replies0 threads New Member
    What would you say are my chances:

    Applying to engineering
    HS GPA:4.0
    I got National award by Vice President of my country for coming first in my country in Math, Physics, Econ and Overall.
    This thing got like a lot of media coverage.

    College GPA:4.0

    How much would my SAT scores hurt me?
    SAT 2: Math-800 Physics-780

    Leader for community service project of providing better quality education to children of low socioeconomic backgrounds
    Community service of helping earthquake victims

    Internships in Bank for 4 months: Operations and Loans department
    2 Hackathons_Got interested in coding know basics of Phyton, Ruby, HTML, css.
    Big Data and Analytics Research-Improving efficiency of Department of Revenue.
    Participating in a race car building competition for college, part of powertrain team.

    And some other stuff.

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  • terr24lrterr24lr 222 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Is transfer rate to Dyson like NYU Stern low???
    Because I'm going for business (as a sophomore transfer) and I'm debating whether to apply directly to Dyson or compensate to either CALS or CAS to have an increased chance of getting in (I have to double check which one has business related majors). Any thoughts/advice?
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  • IneffablySpokenIneffablySpoken 11 replies1 threads New Member
    Last I heard, Dyson transfer acceptance rate was around 6ish % according to a kid who's actually in dyson right now
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  • CornellAEMpleaseCornellAEMplease 112 replies18 threads Junior Member
    No Dyson acceptance rates are high.
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  • YSMartinezYSMartinez 66 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Hi, I'm a 21 year old male attending a Texas CC. Intended Major is Philosophy with English minor, with the ultimate goal of attending a top-twenty law school.


    If you feel it would be helpful, please feel free to read my history on my profile page. Briefly put, I was homeless periodically since age 12 until 18. Born in another country and the son of an undocumented maid, family earns less than 20k per year. During that time, I traveled to dozens of states, lived in Vegas, Phoenix, Omaha, you name it. When I was seventeen, I traveled with my dad to Mexico, before parting ways to explore Chiapas and Guatemala. I reunited with him, almost 18 years old then, and returned to America. In hindsight, what a crazy life...

    From about 18-20, I worked in the oilfield in West Texas, on the rigs, while dealing with my dad's medical issues. I saw a coworker's leg be cut in half, and I myself near fell to my death a couple of times. At 20, just before my 21st birthday, I decided to earn my GED (w/ Honors) and did so in a few months, as I didn't want to risk dying anymore. Seeing as my education ended in the sixth grade, then started again for only a year in high school, I consider myself mostly an autodidact.

    HS GPA: 1.3 and no EC's. I don't know why I even went to class.

    ACT: 32

    COLLEGE GPA: 4.0 over 24 credit hours including Honors

    LOR: 4 letters, each powerful and unique.

    One letter by my HS counselor who knew me back when I used to sleep in a van. Naturally, it is an emotionally charged letter with his full backing and support.

    EC's: Honors College member

    Honors College Scholarship recipient

    Stayton Scholarship for Writing winner (published author in poetry and non-fiction)

    Peer tutor for English/Composition and Rhetoric as well as U.S. History

    Coauthor for my professor's PhD dissertation,

    ***(Part of my professor's dissertation deals with critiquing the English abilities of immigrants. Therefore, I am not a research collaborator, as I understand it, but a legitimate coauthor. This seems most obvious in that I have produced the entirety of chapter four of his book, which he proceeds to comment on in chapter 5, and which will soon be published at University of Houston-Downtown.)

    Phi Theta Kappa member

    Editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, which had been out of print for years.

    I feel that I am making the best of what has been offered to me, and I hope that Cornell sees that.

    Thanks for reading all this.

    If you guys don't want to do a full chance me, I understand. Takes too long.

    Just Yay or Nay me? It is much appreciated. Helps regulate my thinking and definitions of what is realistic in terms of my competitiveness as an applicant to a school like Cornell.
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  • mjstewart1224mjstewart1224 525 replies8 threads Member
    I will be surprised if you don't get into Cornell, honestly.
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  • spemmar1spemmar1 48 replies0 threads Junior Member
    ?AEM has a less than 7% acceptance rate? Transfer rates are just as low.
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  • kcsh1998kcsh1998 5 replies0 threads New Member
    edited February 2017
    Someone chance me for ILR???

    Just found out that I was offered admission to West Point (my second choice), but I need to accept/reject the offer by May 1st...I'm nervous that Cornell won't get in touch with me by then

    Male, Asian, Middle-class (from NY)

    Current university: Top 30 Liberal Arts College (according to US News)

    Current Major: Poli Sci (intended major)

    College GPA: 3.52

    Extra Curriculars:
    - Army ROTC (full 4yr scholarship)
    - Club-Rugby Team
    - Asian American Student Association
    - Phi Eta Sigma (Freshman Honor Society)

    HS: NYC private school

    HS GPA: 88/100 (mostly honors or AP courses tho) (low, i know...)

    SAT: 2170 (750 CR, 750 W, 670 M)

    *Technically a member of the U.S. Armed Forces (Army reserves)...not really sure what this amounts to since I'm only in ROTC (not like I actually served overseas or anything).

    Cornell ILR is my first choice!!! Not trying to find a back door into Cornell...ILR seems like the perfect school for me given my career aspirations.
    edited February 2017
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  • acal7504acal7504 14 replies1 threads New Member
    chance me maybe?
    HS GPA: 4.2 ish (started freshman year w a 2.6 and finished HS with a 5.0)
    SAT: 2180 (750 M 760 CW 680 W) , ACT: 34
    AP: Physics C (both) : 5, Calc BC: 5 Lit: 5, Music Theory: 5
    College: Attending a CCC GPA: 3.93
    Major: Mathematics
    Coursework: Completed entire chem + physics + math curriculum, along with a computer science course + IGETC
    ECs: AMATYC winner Fall 2015 (National Community College Math Contest), NCAS (Nasa Community Aerospace Scholars), Swim Instructor (Taught HOA swim team this summer and life guarded as well), Math Club, as well as College Swim Team (school record holder for mile), and MESA
    Letters of Rec: Got two from the physics department head and math department head, both PhD's
    Demographics: White, Male
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  • taryn97taryn97 76 replies1 threads Junior Member
    hey guys!
    so i am applying for cornell 2017 transfer as well! lets do this! ( i know its gonna be hectic ><)
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  • ILR2020ILR2020 146 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited February 2017
    Chance me for ILR too!

    Current college: Top 40 national university (competitive private school)
    College GPA: 4.0 (only one semester)
    Recommendation: one from economics professor, one from English professor
    ECs: Economics club, Amnesty international, homeless shelter volunteer, two internships related to Human Resources and business management.

    HS GPA: 91~92 (many honors classes and some AP)
    SAT: 2080 (760M 620R 700W)

    *I came to America four years ago so I spent a lot of time learning English, which explains why my SAT and HS GPA weren't that good.
    edited February 2017
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  • chamberswchambersw 44 replies34 threads Junior Member
    Is it okay to send in transfer application on the deadline ( march 15th ) ? Or even a few days before?
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  • milkshakezzzmilkshakezzz 37 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @YSMartinez I think you have an extremely compelling story. Here is an excerpt from an earlier post. Also, I have a few resources for you that have helped my essays a lot. Definitely take advantage of having your professors and ask them to see if they would be willing to edit your essays for you. Will send you a PM


    "Extra curricular's should reflect your future goals, and you should indicate a very deep passion for what you are doing. Be able to articulate why you're doing what you're doing, how you plan to do it and the institution's role in making that happen. What you bring to the table in sense of things you've learned from either life experiences (challenges->resilience->motivation), or skills and be able to exemplify preferably with anecdotes. Remember that the essay in itself is a piece of writing and should show off how damn good of a writer you are. Paint a pretty, and positive picture about who you are, why you are, and what you are made of - think back to those really defining moments in your life. Everything you write about should intertwine with each other to tell a story and relate to those amazing and revolutionary goals you have in life."
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  • aurora030aurora030 13 replies2 threads New Member
    Also chance me please:
    Current school: top35 university
    College GPA: 3.8
    HS GPA: 3.7
    SAT: 1540/2240
    AP : 55554444
    Letter of rec: one strong one regular
    College activities: paper publications/ teaching assistant/ e board of a cultural club/ research fund receiver/ on campus job/ some volunteering activities
    High school activities: VP of school volunteering club/ overseas volunteer leader/ highest certificate of Japanese language
    Reasons of transferring are quite strong

    Some disadvantages: Asian/ letter of rec/ HS activities
    Some hooks?: first-gen
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  • ILR2020ILR2020 146 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @auroa030 do you go to NYU? I think you have good chance. If you are transferring as a junior, your HS GPA and SAT will be less important.
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  • cc2LAuniversitycc2LAuniversity 37 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited February 2017
    Hi guys,
    Can you chance me?
    I'm applying as a CALS major

    Current university: community college in California

    Current Major: Applied Economics (intended major)
    (2 B's in my first International Relations class and Calc I class)
    College GPA: 3.86
    Extra Curriculars:
    - Internship at Software company, managing a start up, and at an animal shelter
    - Tutor
    - Volunteer in my community with children in school
    - Phi Theta Kappa - President (CC Honor Society)
    - Honors Club - Vice President

    HS: California
    HS GPA: 3.1
    SAT: did not take
    First-generation student, I'm sure/hope my rec letters were good
    edited February 2017
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  • terr24lrterr24lr 222 replies4 threads Junior Member

    Looking into Dyson as a sophomore transfer. Considering CALS/CAS business related majors for the sake of getting into Cornell but not sure....thoughts on this compromise? Because I know Dyson is so competitive

    Current college- #2 Ranked State College (its strongest program is business which I am in)
    Major: Finance (Business Administration)
    College GPA: 3.91/4.00
    Total credits at the end of my freshman year: 32

    College ECs:
    1) Student Conduct Board member (highly selective- I hear cases of student misconduct and determine their consequences)
    2) Women in Business member
    3) Bloomberg Terminal Challenge Participant (my partners and I invest 10M virtual $ in stocks for two months)
    4) Emerging Leaders Program (selective and is a volunteer program for 1 semester)
    5) Roosevelt Institute (submitted a public policy to the National Chapter- identified lack of programs in local high schools and provided a practical solution- my policy wasn't initiated but I did submit it)

    HS ECs:

    6) Founder of a charity- raised $5K and the money went to schools in Kenya
    7) 2nd Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Doe
    8) Captain Varsity Tennis team
    9) DECA Committee chairperson (essentially the equivalence of VP)
    10) Intern for my local congressman during the summer

    HS: competitive public school
    HS GPA: 3.50ish/4.00
    ACT Composite: 30

    Indian female from New York

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  • CornellAEMpleaseCornellAEMplease 112 replies18 threads Junior Member
    @spemmar1 AEM has one of the highest acceptance rates. Closer to 25-30%
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  • johnpfc3johnpfc3 156 replies17 threads Junior Member
  • CornellAEMpleaseCornellAEMplease 112 replies18 threads Junior Member
    I don't get why some people are saying AEM has low rates.....like um......there stats out there showing it's 25-30% acceptance rates.

    Also human ecology is the easiest school to get into.
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