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Cornell Fall 2017 Transfer

reachinghigher15reachinghigher15 16 replies9 threads Junior Member
I know it might be a little early for Fall 2017 transfer threads, but if you're anything like me you're already obsessing over admissions.

If everyone applying could please post their stats, advice, experiences, etc... it would be much appreciated :)
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Replies to: Cornell Fall 2017 Transfer

  • reachinghigher15reachinghigher15 16 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Female, Caucasian, Upper middle class

    Current School: Average regional university
    Major: Economics & Public Policy Double Major (depends on which school I get in to)
    College GPA: 4.0
    Extra Curriculars/Extra Stuff:
    - Fellowship with Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign
    - Internship with a congresswoman in my district (next semester)
    - Secretary of the Economics Club
    - Member of The Model United Nations team
    - Research Assistant for the Econ Dept. at my school
    - I also work as a hostess at a restaurant part-time
    - I'm tri-lingual
    Recommendations: I already have a few professors in mind that I believe will write great ones!

    High School GPA: 2.7
    - I struggled with a lot mental health issues that caused me to miss a lot of school.
    ACT: 25 (I'm going to retake it, and aim for a 30+)
    APs: I took 8 AP classes

    Yes, I did absolutely terrible in high school. But hopefully they'll be able to see how I got my act together and that I'm completely capable of succeeding at their school.

    I welcome input and criticism on my chances :)
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  • nighthawk4nighthawk4 42 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I wouldn't take the ACT again if I were you; are you applying for sophomore or junior year?
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  • reachinghigher15reachinghigher15 16 replies9 threads Junior Member
  • mjstewart1224mjstewart1224 525 replies8 threads Member
    Junior applicant, female, low-income
    Non-traditional student - 25 years old
    - I was married extremely young (barely 18, came from an a fundamentalist home). It was a really bad situation. I eventually escaped, and want to continue my education!

    Current School - Large public university
    Major - English/Pre-Law
    Current GPA - 4.0

    High School GPA: 3.6
    ACT: 29

    Extra-curriculars: I work two jobs, 70 hours a week, and have a full class load. I have no one helping me with any of this, so I work my butt off. I'm looking forward to transferring to a private school and only working part-time. I want to take part in mock trial or debate at whatever school I end up at.

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  • CornellAEMpleaseCornellAEMplease 112 replies18 threads Junior Member
    Can people also state the school they are trying transferring too?
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  • hayley636hayley636 63 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Sophomore transfer, applied early decision to Cornell last year, was deferred and then given the "transfer option", applying (for my third admissions cycle lol) to the College of Human Ecology as a Policy Analysis and Management major

    SAT I: 2190 superscore (750 CR, 680 Math, 760 Writing)
    ACT: 33 composite (35 English, 35 Reading, 30 Math, 33 Science)
    SAT II: 780 Lit, 690 Biology E, 730 US History
    Unweighted High School GPA (out of 4.0): 4.1 weighted
    College GPA: none yet, probably around a 3.8
    HS Rank: 17/150
    1. Biology (4)
    2. English Lang (5)
    3. US History (5)
    4. Microeconomics (5)
    5. Macroeconomics (4)
    6. English Lit (5)
    7. Psychology (5)
    8. Physics C- Mechanics (3)

    HS awards were AP Scholar (2015), AP Scholar with Distinction (2016), National Merit Commended Student, and NHS

    HS Extracurriculars: Destination Imagination (regional, state, international awards), Varsity tennis, GSA, Yearbook (section editor), Tri-M, NHS, Concert band, Musical theater (cast/crew)
    College extracurriculars: not much as it's my first semester, I joined the Political Science Student Association and that's about it.

    Job/Work Experience: Part-time job at a local restaurant, Tour guide at the Massachusetts State House (unpaid), Tennis camp coach, camp counselor
    Volunteer/Community service: Church mission trips, Church nursery babysitting, Church youth group service projects
    Summer Activities: CIT at my girl scout camp, People to People Student Ambassador, State house tour guide (mentioned above)

    I have no idea who I'm going to ask for recommendations, I'm not close to any of my professors so this should be interesting.

    State (if domestic applicant): Massachusetts
    HS Type: Small public
    Ethnicity: White
    Gender: Female
    Income Bracket: $250,000+
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): Cornell Legacy (specifically, HumEc legacy)
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  • yoonicessyoonicess 11 replies3 threads New Member
    @reachinghigher15 Hey I remembered you from the Georgetown transfer thread as well! Guess we are applying to similar schools. Are you a sophomore transfer or junior transfer?
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  • yoonicessyoonicess 11 replies3 threads New Member
    @reachinghigher15 Never mind. I see from above you're a sophomore. Same here! :)
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  • yoonicessyoonicess 11 replies3 threads New Member
    edited October 2016
    Do you guys think retaking SAT/ACT would be a good idea? I had a 2070/2400 on SAT, which isn't very impressive, just wondering should I retake it, or not send the scores at all.
    edited October 2016
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  • ADY360ADY360 38 replies5 threads Junior Member
    @yoonicess I don't think retaking it would be a good idea. Just send them, but don't worry too much. I had the same score.

    Do you folks feel there's a benefit in applying early? I was thinking of waiting till March to build up a stronger application profile.
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  • HereToTransferrHereToTransferr 215 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited November 2016
    @ADY360 I think the only benefit to applying early is that you get your decision back earlier. That and you have less to worry about in the future. Also, you get better housing because you signed up for it before anyone else lol.

    and @Yoonicess and nope that's a good enough sat. i had a similar sat score to yours. I think if you do well enough in college, it lessens the impact of your sat score. (trust me, i know people with 2200+s at my old school who did worse than i did, not saying I did bad lol but I think Cornell understands that)
    edited November 2016
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  • ccollege2020ccollege2020 35 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Do any of you guys have the guaranteed transfer option?
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  • NASAspaceXNASAspaceX 1 replies1 threads New Member
    edited November 2016
    Good luck everyone
    edited November 2016
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  • HopefullyIGetInHopefullyIGetIn 329 replies0 threads Member
    I'll jump in(please chance me):
    College: top 60 public university
    Prospective junior
    Majors: Economics & Political Science
    GPA: 4.0
    ECs: president of 2 clubs, intern at congressman's office, mentor at local HS, part time job
    SAT: 1390/1600

    HS: very bad-around a 3.0

    Main Concern(besides getting in of course) is transferring credits. It doesn't seem Cornell is transfer credit friendly and I don't want to be stuck retaking classes if I'm fortunate enough to get in.
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  • IneffablySpokenIneffablySpoken 11 replies1 threads New Member
    @HopefullyIGetIn your 4.0 as a junior undoubtedly outweighs your 3.0 in HS. Your SAT also doesn't raise any red flags as a transfer. I would say you've set yourself up to have a solid chance, the only thing you have to worry about now is essays and recs. But hey, I'm just in the same boat as you so what do I know haha. What school are you applying to?
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  • HopefullyIGetInHopefullyIGetIn 329 replies0 threads Member
    @IneffablySpoken Arts and Sciences(Econ Major)-What about you?
    TBH still cant believe I have a semblance of a chance to get into a school like Cornell.
    Also-how many Recs do you plan to send? I plan to send 2 since I need 2 for another school, so I can easily just add the second person to Cornell.
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  • IneffablySpokenIneffablySpoken 11 replies1 threads New Member
    Im applying to Dyson (also econ major with a concentration in finance) and Im also sending 2
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  • AGoodFloridianAGoodFloridian 1353 replies19 threads Senior Member
    Bumping this thread up! Transfer applicants are starting to emerge from the wood-works, and things are starting to heat up! Kick butt in the Spring semester guys and good luck!
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  • babybear232babybear232 15 replies2 threads New Member
    Major: Business Administration
    Current College/University: CCC
    GPA: 4.00
    College ECs: Internship with school's accounting dept. Honors Program. Trilingual. Limited ECs unfortunately.
    Highschool ECs: Band Chess Club President etcetc (I have more but I think they may be irrelevant?)
    I have will completed 64 semesters by this spring in three semesters+summer school. I took 19-20 units every semester so I didnt have time for ECs and wouldnt know what to do actually.
    SAT Scores: 1900.

    I know I have very poor SAT scores. Would it be too late to retake it?

    Chance me maybe? :o
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  • mjr2013mjr2013 443 replies32 threads Member
    Applied to Columbia as a transfer student for Fall of 2017. Posting this on all the transfer forums I applied to (that exist) for reference. Will report back come decision day, maybe even live in the suspense as it approaches.

    22YO white male from Michigan
    Also applied: Michigan, Michigan State, Stanford, Harvard, Brown, UPenn, Columbia, NYU, Vanderbilt
    School: Arts and Sciences
    Major: Biology and Society

    Currently Attending: Community College in Michigan
    Credits: will finish with 88, which includes 12 from APs... I expect somewhere around 50 to transfer due a semi-difficult social work program I am completing that is nontransferable, as well as the APs being taken out.
    College GPA: 3.95 (UW), 1 W in Fall of 2013
    College course load: Sporadic courses from fall of '13 to winter '15. 17 CH's in fall '15, 21 CH's in fall '16, 22 this semester (never received lower than an A-, haven't received A- since winter of '14)
    Two gap semesters in winter '15 and winter '16
    HS: Meh Public School in MI, ~1500 students, sends 2-3 students to Michigan every year and a student to an Ivy once or twice in a decade
    HS GPA: 3.2ish
    ACT: 28 (one and only sitting in March 2011)

    EC's: Work as a "full time" school bus driver in addition to the 22 CH's I'm taking, internship at residential juvenile delinquency rehabilitation program, another job in leadership role, the gap semester jobs and travel, serve on board of directors of local youth baseball league, run umpires program for the league for last three years. Passionate about them all.
    LOR's: I doubt they get any better than what they may have wrote. I didn't see them, but the two professors absolutely loved me. Both hold PhD's for whatever that's worth.
    Gap explanation: Really good. Solid reason, involved travel and learning
    Why Transfer: Liked this essay the most, but it's kind of supposed to be a lay-up for a CC transfer lol
    Supplemental Essays: I'm a perfectionist, and I felt like there was something still to be said, but I know I'm a really good writer, so *shrug*
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