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Cornell grant and scholarship award


Replies to: Cornell grant and scholarship award

  • oniongrassoniongrass 111 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    No kids in college ... but (if you don't mind saying) how many other kids at still at home? Any in private school with tuition to pay? I am just trying to see if I can understand how this is calculated.
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  • lostaccountlostaccount 5319 replies90 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5,409 Senior Member
    Don't forget the the schools that use the CSS also consider factors like parent age and retirement.
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  • OwlOfAthenaOwlOfAthena 181 replies12 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 193 Junior Member
    6000? How is it possible?

    Even for an independent student with no cash reserves and sub 25k AGI, the net price calculator gave a 6.5K net cost.
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  • AyeXianAyeXian 14 replies4 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 18 Junior Member
    Oof, my family's paying 58k with 30k higher salary.
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  • NCKrisNCKris 160 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 161 Junior Member
    EFC of 6000 on a 150k salary with no other kids in college, seems unbelievable, no wonder your 'friends' commented.

    Make sure the numbers entered on CSS Profile are correct.
    Does your son have a lot of research experience ? DS received a generous stipend for research, and since we did not qualify for any need based aid, it was paid for summers only i.e. paid summer research grant. However, if we were eligible for need based aid, then the EFC would have been reduced by a quite a bit.
    It is possible that you received a merit and need based aid.
    Just make sure that the grants you received is for all 4 years, before you commit.
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  • nitric_acidnitric_acid 29 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 29 Junior Member
    EFC for no other children in college and a 150K salary is $34000/year. Not seeing how these numbers work out at all.
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  • SwimdadmnSwimdadmn 1 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello, in the early stages of all this financial aid stuff and wonder if you could indulge me, since we appear to be in similar circumstances. I am assuming our income will disqualify us from all need based aid....your post gives me optimism. My email is winonabh at gmail if you would care to answer some questions / lend some support, our son is a prospective student in ‘20. Thank you for your consideration.
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