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Chance me for Cornell HEOP/EOP !

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I'm going into my senior year this fall and am getting ready for the college application process.
My guidance counselor has suggested I look into Cornell's HEOP/EOP program since she thinks I would have a good chance of getting accepted, but I'm a little skeptical considering I don't think my scores are up to par, so I was wondering if someone could chance me.

Income: about $10,000/yr
Ethnicity: Latina

SAT: 1320, but I'm taking one or two more to get a score in the 1400s (or maybe even 1500s if I'm lucky)

I'm not sure what my GPA's for each year was, but I'm pretty sure freshman year was around a 94, sophomore year was a 95 or 96, and then junior year I think was also a 94 (all unweighted)

- AP World History (got a 4)
- AP Calculus BC (also got a 4)

- I'm an IB Diploma Candidate
- I take IB Biology HL, IB History of the Americas HL, IB English Literature HL, IB Business SL, IB French SL, and IB Math Studies SL
- My Extended Essay (EE) is investigating Medtronic, the medical device company, in terms of the business side of it
- My CAS project has to do with going around my town and picking up the garbage on the roads, and having my town properly recycle it

My school doesn't offer honors courses

Anticipated Major:
Biomedical Engineering

Anticipated Minor:
Business Administration

Extracurriculars (I will be continuing all of my junior year clubs in senior year):
- Youth Volunteers of HHS (President): 11th and 12th grades
- DECA: 11th and 12th grades
- Math Team: 11th and 12th grades
- Peer Leaders: 11th and 12th grades
- Community Service (For CAS and for enjoyment): 10th-12th grades
- JV Cheerleading: 9th and 10th grades (captain in 10th grade)
*Can't do sports anymore due to a surgery I did on August 2018 (still in recovery) and scoliosis

Letters of Recommendation:
1) Biology Teacher
2) AP Calculus BC Teacher
3) Business Teacher
4) Guidance Counselor

- National Honors Society: 11th and 12th grades
- Took French Grand Concours Test (National exam): 9th-12th grades

Latina, first generation college student, qualify for free lunch, divorced parents, etc.

CommonApp Essay:
My CommonApp essay is going to be written about how a cousin of mine told me a few years ago that I'd never be anything, that I'm not going to college because I am "an idiot," and that I'm "nothing." Additionally, I will discuss how ever since she told me these things, I've worked hard in order to prove her wrong.
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