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Cornell SHA Transfer Option Help

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so I thought at first that I was rejected after seeing my decision in the spring after being deferred during ed, but I got an email literally 2-3 weeks later and it was from the hotel school about the TO option. this option basically says that If I took these 2 courses at another institution, in my case it's UCF, and obtain a 3.0 and no grade lower than a C, I am eligible to be a "guaranteed transfer student". the thing is, even after endless hours of research, consulting with my college advisor/counselor, family, friends, etc., I still go back and forth between the schools. both hospitality programs are great IMO, but when it comes down to it, I don't know what better for me in the future. I think I have a very common dream most students have after graduating college which is to have a job, make money, and live a life they dreamed of. (sorry if I generalized it too much but that's the gist of what I'd like to experience). I don't understand truly why im so torn between this decision because cornell has been my dream school ever since I found out I wanted to do something in hospitality. I mean, costs, location, experience, etc. have been so many things I've researched on but I just really don't know. So I'm here to ask for more information from current students and alumni from UCF & cornell about what these schools have brought for them and what is the "better option".
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